USCG CFR garbage questions

Are these questions relevant anymore? 33 CFR Subchapter O 151.69 reflects the “no garbage overboard except for comminuted food waste” Anyone have any insight?

Here’s the most current MARPOL guidelines:

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If you get either of those questions either put the old correct answer or protest them.

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That’s old. It’s not updated to the March 2018 regs.

That’s not a Coast Guard question. It’s from a private study aid. Do you know for certain the Coast Guard has not updated their questions? The private provider failed to update, not the Coast Guard.

What on that graphic was changed in March?

I’m not sure if the Coast Guard has updated/removed this question. That’s why I started this thread. It’s not as though the private study aid pulled it out of thin air. It was a question at one point right?

Implementation and verbiage on placard for cargo residues (HME, Non-HME), Polar Code verbiage, e-waste verbiage. A new log book was required as of 1 March 2018 as well. Residues were put into a Part II of the new log book format, and e-waste in now a separate classification/category.

There are a few gaps that I see when auditing, including most vessels have yet to implement the requirement for having radios for the fire teams, specifically intrinsically safe radios and noted on the fire and safety plan. One vessel just did their annual radio survey 1 week ago, which instigated the below requirement since it was post 1 July, but of course, this was not caught in the radio survey.

Through MSC.338(91), the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), adopted the following amendments to SOLAS regulation II-2/10 regarding fire fighters’ communication. In Regulation 10.10.4 the deadline for vessels constructed before July 01, 2014 to comply with the Regulation 10.10.4 is not later than the first Radio Survey after July 01, 2018.

Yep, just awaiting delivery of 8 Motorola ATEX UHF radios for our fire suits -caught me on the hop!

8?? I think we’re only getting 2!

I have 4 tugs to manage, so 2 each as per. For some reason the supplier reports a shortage …wonder why?

seldom I do this: but pay the money, get the right info from the right source so you have no doubt what you are trying to learn and take the test !!!

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I guess we need to order new garbage record books then.

That’s the first I’ve heard of this, I guess that’s another thing to order.