This is a CHTy problem to have

The tug I work on has the normal CHT tank on it, you know the kind you put chlorine tablets in and the little bags of bugs. Well the captain says we cant put our septic tank safe toilet paper in there and must put our shitty tp in the head’s trash can. I dont see how this is considered sanitary at all its is downright disgusting at a minimum. We were just transfered onto this boat from a boat where this was not a problem. I talked to a friend who ran as engineer on this boat for a while and he said he never had one single problem with tp in the tank.

Is there anything I can do about this problem?

[QUOTE=KennyW1983;46110]Is there anything I can do about this problem?[/QUOTE]

Do you really have to ask or is there a camera in the head with monitors in the wheelhouse and captain’s cabin? Does this idiot survey the contents of the trash can?

I think what he’s trying to say is that his captain wipes the asses to ensure compliance.

HAHA If only, no there is only 50% compliance but guess who has to take the nasty trash out… I have gloves and douse it with lysol and clorox clean up but still, it disgusting.

Find the info that documents what can and cannot go in the shitter (ask your chief or the port engineer) and share it with the captain. Then when he ignores that, request a special container for segregating biological waste and training in universal precautions, along with the requisite PPE. Using the company’s ISM procedures, request that the company develop a system to track the chain of custody of all hazardous waste from initial acquisition onboard to transfer to an approved shoreside facility.

Or just ask him to take out the trash.

Don’t mix Lysol and bleach, by the way, or shitty trash will be the least of your problems.

yeah, find a Capt who isnt so shitty! But seriously, I would just send it down the hatch. If he has the time to go looking in trash cans for used shit paper, then He needs a new life!

In all likely hood this is simply a ‘power trip’ He is on. Figure out to deflate his stupid idea, without getting fired!

Maybe you should ask the office if it is standard procedure to NOT put used shit paper in the heads. If it is not the standard procedure, then I wouldn’t put up with it!
I think I would have to say, “Capt. The instructions on the microphor state it CAN take toilet paper and if there is something broken, maybe you should call for repairs.” Or does he want you to call the office to ask for repairs. Ya, I know, there’s nothing wrong with it either, But He needs to know that you know. Tough words, yeah, But I would stop coddling this kind
of mindless idiotic behavior.

On another related but of humor, A Captain where I work would go down at 0830 after the deckhand had just done daily sanitary) and take a dump in the head. He would NEVER flush it. Then he would call up the deckhand and tell him: “Clean the head it looks like shit!” Finally a new deckhand came on. He tried it on the new guy. The new guy told him to go flush his own shit, who the hell did he think he is! The Captain NEVER did that again, until a new deckhand came aboard!

do you cook aboard too? ask the Capt if you should always wash your hands after handling the shit bucket, or if it is OK to just clean and then cook the meal?

I like those ideas! he is by the book period guy so I will defeat him with his own weapons!

[QUOTE=dougpine;46138]… request a special container for segregating biological waste and training in universal precautions, along with the requisite PPE. Using the company’s ISM procedures …[/QUOTE]

Excellent advice! The material is a biohazard and cannot be placed in anything but an approved and properly marked biohazard container.

Check the ISM manual for biohazard remediation procedures. If the captain’s method does not comply with the ISM procedures, contact the DPA and ask how to submit a non conformance report. Or ask the captain if he would care to do the paperwork himself.

Has anyone put marbles in his overhead yet? It sounds like he has lost a few.

Ah, the Microphore…There’s a special place in hell for the designer and the person who approved it for marine use!

In a perfect world, the Microphore will digest toilet paper and most anything that’s passed through the human body. In a perfect world, not on a tug or ship. The main problem is pine oil, lysol, bleach, cigarette butts, ect that finds it’s way into the media tank. Then comes the “turdo-charger” toilets. It’s amazing how much toilet paper some people think they need to wipe their arses. Other “variables” come into play with women on board. Research vessels can be a nightmare. Seismic vessels can shake the internal wooden panels to pieces.

The Microphore rep at the workboat show a couple of years ago didn’t seem to enjoy my visit to his booth.

Well it is not hard to tell what part of the country you work in. I have run into this several times and can not find it in my heart to ask a deck hand to mess with trash filled with human waste. But like many companies the Captain is correct in whatever stupid ideas and unsafe practices they choose to practice…Until???
Best sugggestion is to mess with the morons head

[QUOTE=tugboat146;46179]But like many companies the Captain is correct in whatever stupid ideas and unsafe practices they choose to practice.[/QUOTE]

Huh? NO that is NOT correct. The prior references to bio hazard and ISM standards trump a dipshits’ thoughts anyway.

However if you work for a NON ISM company, then you should bide your time until you CAN work at a progressive, educated company!

i’m sure storing waste like that is against the CFR’s some how(i mean its the federal government there has to be a law on how to wipe, and where to store it, and knowing the CFR’s you will probably need a log book to record the density of stool,how much toilet paper was used and what time it was taken) at least against OSHA, you should not put up with that though.

Contact one of these guys and ask about the TP: