Input on food, hygiene, and misc. supplies

Hey guys i was wanting to get your input on what kind of supplies your captain puts in for when you arrive at a port.More specifically food items like potato chips, peanuts, cookies, canned goods etc, as well as hygiene products like shaving cream, shavers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant etc. I also want to get an idea of perhaps what kind of deck supplies you may need like gloves, foul weather gear, boots, cleaning agents, brooms, etc. I am currently gathering information to better serve cargo, and tanker ships when they get to port so they don’t have to deal with so many suppliers. Please include any suggestions as well and greatly appreciated.

This is normally supplied by large chandlers and/or through the ships agent. And as far as crew personal hygiene needs etc, The Leiv Eirikssons Center and a couple of other nearby stores provides for them in Miami where you appear to be located.

I appreciate your response. I am aware of these chandlers, as well as the shops outside the port. The company in which I work for is a duty free company providing alcohol and tobacco right now. I am now looking to expand business and do so by providing all crew with better quality goods as well as a lower cost for the captain. Being that I am in Miami, we have access to many distributors and most certainly a very competitive market. I’ve spent some time on this forum just reading through and taking in as much as I can to gauge what exactly can be improved. I know you guys are sick of sysco systems, and the same old eats, same drinks, or poor deck supplies. This is where I need your help, and anything is greatly appreciated.