USCG and having Inland Mariners hold a valid MMC

@jdcavo, I was reading an article that mentioned the CG looking into making Inland Mariners get an MMC and to hold a valid PIC for transferring Cargo and Bunkers. Unfortunately, I lost the link to this article and if I can find it I will post it in the thread.

So, have you heard and rumbling about this?

If they did do this, I can only imagine what the backlog would look like when all of those guys turn in their apps.

If it’s not this, I haven’t heard anything.

I believe that’s already required, but not for bunkers.

I believe that is what was mentioned in the article.

To me it sounds like, the days of the Captain / Pilot signing the DOI are going bye bye and this will force the Crew to apply and get the necessary credentials. I do wonder how the CG will handle it when and if all of these people send in their applications.

To me this is a win for all of the people working Inland as the path to working in other areas will be a lot easier with a MMC in hand.

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