Tankerman/PIC Barge (DL)

Does anybody have a recommendation on how to properly document the minimum number of transfers (five loadings, five discharges, two commencements and two securings) so i can add a tankerman endorsement. I don’t currently work for a barge co. Do barge companies have a standard form?<br><br>Also, anybody have an idea on where i could get these signed off. I’d be glad to just show up. no pay, I’d do it for free, just to get the signatures. ( i’d do that for RFPEW as well)

Send me an e-mail and I will send you a sample letter (if it wasn’t among the missing stuff from the 2 moves of my office in the past 2 years).<br><br>James D,. Cavo<br>Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division<br>USCG National Maritime Center<br>James.D.Cavo@uscg.mil

I appreciate that very much. I’d like to avoid repeated trips up to Baltimore. My work doesn’t seem to want to pay me when I’m not there???

You did not mention that you have taken the course. Have you?<br>You can no longer be grandfathered in just by your experience. <br>Just so you know. <br>I have had either the port captain of my company or chief mate sign these assessments. A chief mate or captain should know the way to properly document the tranfes. Im am sure they have been through the paperwork routine before.