US Navy proposes decommissioning first 4 LCS more than a decade early

The memo obtained by Defense News outlines plans to decommission the littoral combat ships Freedom, Independence, Fort Worth and Coronado, part of an overall plan to shrink the size of the force to deal with a flat budget. The ships all have between a 12 and 17 years of planned hull life left.

On the face of it I am reminded of Reagan’s planned 600 ship navy. It is one thing to build them. It is another to man, supply and support them.

Closer to home (locally) I remember a bond issue to install air conditioners some of the local schools that didn’t have them. Once installed it was revealed they never budgeted the money for maintenance or the increased utility bills.


That whole program was a colossal waste of money, nothing but a pork project to enrich some congressional districts.

Hopefully we can sell these ships via FMS to other countries with smaller navies and get some of that money back.

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The LCS program did exactly what it was conceived to do … transfer money from the taxpayer to favored defense contractors.

Don;t forget, Lockheed Martin is the parasite that brought us the TWIC.

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The faster they deep six those fake POS ships and forget about the whole idea, the better. While they’re at it please run Austal right out of this country or they will find a way to build another useless tin can for the Navy after they finish building enough catamaran vomit comets.

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One down …

Maybe the Navy needs the money to pay for the cost over runs and finding some way to make the catapults and elevators work on its latest boondoggle.