New Stealth Ship?

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I hope it works better than THIS ONE.

Was the pic taken in Mobile? That looks like the new Littoral Combat Ship…The 2nd design.<br>Doc

It was, and it is Doc! <br><br>That’s the U.S.S. Independence (LCS-2) built by General Dynamics, and Austal USA, in Mobile. And, that’s Bender’s nasty ass drydock that leaks like a sieve that it’s sitting in.

Well kinda.<br>The pic in the link is USS HIGGINS (DDG76) one of the GOOD ships. There are no pix of the DDG1000 in that article.<br><br>LCS1 FREEDOM, the Lockheed Martin effort was delivered to the Navy on 19 September 2008.<br><br><img src="]<br><br>Both companies are competing to provide the winning design for follow on construction of the class.