Saudis purchasing their own LCS ships

It’s about time we got even with those bastards. Those things are as overpriced as the oil they are pumping out of the sand.


Yeah then these should be safe, being tied to a dock undergoing perpetual propulsion repairs.


$6 billion dollars for some glorifed jet skis designed by the thieves at Lockheed Martin? It’s pay back for the Saudi’s supporting Wahhabism and 9-11.

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Same here. Gift them? Hell no. Sell them, very much yes.

Oh, I do not begrudge the fact that LM is selling them and employing folks in the USA to build them.Building war fighting machinery is about the last tax supported industry we have. However it makes me laugh whenever I hear the US leaders talk of peace in the middle east out of one side of their mouth and agreeing to sell arms to Saudis, Iraelis and others out of the other side of their mouth. You’d smile and know it is all about the money, for contractors and zero to do with people. The Saudis can use them in Yemen, where a guy in a row boat with an RPG can turn them into a dumpster fire. But, we appreciate building 'em .


can’t assume these ships will be breaking down all the time like their predecessors…hopefully they’ve learned a lot with the previous vessels.
it’s a shame our navy got the lemons!

They will probably be built in Mobile AL, that’s were the good ones are built.

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The Lockheed Martin variant, aka the odd ones, are the monohull version being produced at the Marinette, WI yard.
Austal is the loa stabilized monohull, “trimaran”, the even numbered hulls being built in Mobile.