US Captain wanted to work Overseas. Brazil or Guyana? What is the difference?

Anyone here just recently work in Brazil or Guyana? Please throw some of your good and bad Job experiences in these two countries. Pros and cons…Thanks!

In Guyana, the crew speak English. In Brazil, the crew speak Portuguese. Other than that, the jobs are the same and it will just depend on your tolerance for flying in coach.


Thanks! Do US crew pay taxes in Guyana and Brazil? Wondering how is the local crew in Guyana or Brazil, are they easy to work with?

In Guyana, local taxes are withheld from your paycheck, but you can write off that money from what you owe the IRS.
Brazil does not collect taxes from US mariners, but you will still owe US taxes if you live in the US.
The offshore oil industry is still relatively young in Guyana, so there are less experienced mariners available there than in Brazil. Both nationalities are cooperative to work with though, in my experience.
Also for your consideration, the main client in Guyana is ExxonMobil (US company) and the main client in Brazil is Petrobras (Brazilian company).
Working abroad with a foreign crew can be difficult. Working abroad with a foreign crew, foreign client, and language barriers is even more challenging. If the pay isn’t significantly better for Brazil, then Guyana would be my recommendation if you want to try working abroad.