A few questions about the industry

Does anybody out there have any experience or advice about working in the GOM compared to overseas (brazil most likely) . Is the rotation normally longer, does the pay differ, what about relocating to the country that your working in, should one specify while applying to a company that they are interested in that sort of hitch?

most of my shipping career has been spent international, ergo I have tons of advice and comments. send me a PM if you’re serious.

worked in and out of Brazil a few years back…the company specified the hitch…60on/30off…$50p/d bonus…didn’t consider relocating as the Real/USD was 1.0to1.0…current exchange rate @ 1.7to1.0…Capt. and CE were the only US citizens aboard.

As tight as the job market is now you’d be lucky to get a hitch with a USA company working in Brazil unless you had something special to offer like Portuguese. There are a lot of US mariners that want to go back to Brazil. BUT if you got lucky you’d enjoy it. The hitches on ships and rigs are normally day for day plus many companies pay a 25% premium. Go ashore in Brazil and you’ll make up your own mind about relocating.

Hey, I appreciate the reply. I just got my AB unlimited, I do have my TWIC, STCW, 100 ton, but i am lacking my RFPNW as of now. I am applying with a few companies in the GOM that have been farely receptive (which seems to be rare these days). Do you think overseas positions are less popular?