US Army Corps of Engineers M/V PUGET Job

NOW OPEN ON USAJOBS - Small Craft Operator, XF-5786-09

M/V PUGET Debris Collection Vessel

The Merit and DE Vacancy Announcements for the Small Craft Operator,

XF-5786-09 are now open on USAJOBS.

For vets and all US citizens:

Here is the link to Merit Vacancy Announcement Number WTHF170829371987581:

For all US citizens:

Here is the link to DE Vacancy Announcement Number WTHF170829371987532D:

Open: 7/14/2017
Close: 7/28/2017

Is the job really open to everyone? Or do these jobs go to veterans 99% of the time.

What is a Public Trust Background investigation?

Seems about half veterans here and I am not a vet. The jobs with less skill requirements have much more competition. Even if only veterans make the list, if they do not possess the proper skills then it opens up more for others. Also, you do not necessarily have to be a veteran as there are a few different caveats for qualifying as ‘Status’. I would apply for both announcements as it increase your chance.

Standard background check to get an ID card.

I suspect that they will get a lot of applications, but $30 an hour doesn’t go very far in Seattle.

The thing that confuses me about the job is that it does not require a USCG license now, just the ability to get a license within two years.

Public vessel?

Could be. I’m not sure, but I 've heard that US Government owned vessels are not actually required to follow any USCG regulations. When they do, it’s voluntarily. I’m not sure if that’s true.

That is true how else would the navy ever crew their vessels. MSC voluntarily complies with the coast guard until it distracts from the mission. OPA 90 does not apply but generally we do everything possible to not screw up. Work rest hours can be voided by the captain. Kinda shitty that the government puts all these rules out there for everyone else but then halfass follows them in turn.

Yeah the $30 an hour can hurt, but these jobs are a nice alternative to being at sea all the time. You can actually have some work/life balance and be home or on land at a hotel most nights.

Just recently moved back to Seattle and my house payment more than doubled for a similar house in the Southeast.