NOW OPEN ON USAJOBS - Small Craft Operator, XF-5786-09

United States Army Corps of Engineers

For Widest Distribution

M/V PUGET Debris Collection Vessel

The Merit and DE Vacancy Announcements for the Small Craft Operator,

XF-5786-09 are now open on USAJOBS.

For vets and all US citizens:

Here is the link to Merit Vacancy Announcement Number WTHF170829371987581:

For all US citizens:

Here is the link to DE Vacancy Announcement Number WTHF170829371987532D:

Open: 7/14/2017
Close: 7/28/2017

What is the real deal? Do they hire 99% veterans? Or are these jobs really open to everyone?

Seems about half veterans here and I am not a vet. The jobs with less skill requirements have much more competition. Even if only veterans make the list, if they do not possess the proper skills then it opens up more for others. Also, you do not necessarily have to be a veteran as there are a few different caveats for qualifying as ‘Status’. I would apply for both announcements as it increases your chance.

I wish one of these jobs would open up in the Norfolk district.

I occasionally see one open up in Norfolk, usually for driving survey boats to support the Corps’ Navigation Mission.

I would apply in a heart beat. The usajobs site has always been hard to find stuff on, at least imo. Then the whole application process seems awkward too.

Don’t want open a new thread for this, so I piggyback it here.
Received this circular e-mail a couple of days ago, if anybody is interested:

[quote]Delta Marine Ltd
2.Mounthooly Street,
Lerwick, Shetland,
Scotland. ZE1 0BJ
United Kingdom [quote]

[quote] PROFILE
Delta Marine Ltd consists of number of companies & ever increasing
worldwide offices, we provide tailor made solution to maritime
industry as per clients need. Our dedicated staff provides 24/7
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Delta Marine Ltd policy is to give customers only the best possible
services available in the market to meet their requirement criteria
and budget. we take satisfaction out of providing first class services
to our clients.
Delta Marine Ltd is among the leading crew managers for offshore
industry, providing services to Clients & Seafarers from all
SALARY:4000.00GBP TO 18,000.00GBP
We have vacancies for our Sea-Going and Shore Based Vacancies so you
are advised to send complete Resume/CV to our Offshore Recruiting
Director Mr Denis Payne[/quote]

Audrey Summers
Personnel Coordinator
Recruiting Department
Delta Marine Ltd. [/quote]

It took me 2 tries in 3 years to get on with USACE in Portland…and I’m a vet with a 500T license.
The application process took about 9 mos. from the time I filled out the online ap on USAJobs until I got onboard. How anybody can wait that long on the hook is a mystery to me, I was lucky as I was able to pick up piece-work welding and running boats until all the I’s were dotted and the T’s were crossed.
I thought about applying for this job, I think I’d be a shoe in since I already have the license and am a current USACE employee and live on Camano Island. I’m currently the junior deckhand with just over a year onboard ESSAYONS, but I can’t find myself giving up my week on/week off schedule just to work four 10 hour days a week.
Good luck.

Does Portland pay for your travel from your house to the dredge or from the
DO in Portland to the dredge?

From the Moorings (in Portland) to the dredge only. Several crew live North of Seattle…since the commute is only once a week…or once every two weeks, it really isn’t that bad. 2-4 hours a week commuting to/from work ain’t bad at all.

Yeah, that is how it is on the Wilmington District dredges too. I heard
that the WHEELER doesn’t provide travel from New Orleans which I thought
was wierd.