Upgrade to masters question

Some very knowledgeable people in here. Whats the best route to upgrade to a 1600 ton near coastal masters license for uninspected fishing industry vessel? I currently have my 1600 ton mates license near coastal. I would prefer to go to a school that offers a class but cant seem to find any available. Thanks

You now have Mate UIFVs1600 ton NC?

Or you have Mate 1600, NC?

You seek Master UIFVs, NC?

Or you seek Master 1600, NC

I have mate 1600 ufiv nc

Seeking master 1600 ufiv nc

Do you have 360 days as mate while holding the mates license?

Yes i do

You can apply and sit for the exam or review the list of approved courses. @jdcavo may be able to direct you to an approved course list

There are no courses for that exam, You have to take it from the Coast Guard. There are also no additional required courses that were not done to get Mate UFIV.

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There used to be a place in Portland where people took a course. I don’t know if they had approved proctors visit or if they took students to REC Portland but at one point it existed. Maybe they were removed?


Crawford Nautical Training
5215 Ballard Ave NW, Suite 1


(206) 783-2922

Master UIFVs is not limited to 1600 tons. It’s limited to 5000 tons. I believe that the minimum tonnage restriction issued should be 2000 tons.

What you could do is apply for Master 1600, and Master UIFV 5000 (depending upon your seatime, you may get a tonnage restriction).

There are many schools that offer courses for Master 1600. That’s probably a bit more than you need for Master UIFV, but it would be excellent prep.

The Master 1600 exam is quite similar to the Master UIFVs exam. Master UIFV might be a bit easier. I have taken both of them.

If you sign up for Lapware. They will give you the study questions for each module of the Master UIFV exam.

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Sad to say they are no longer in business. Patty and the others retired. No one bought the business. The website persists in cyber-limbo. Too bad because they were the best.

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Apparently Crawford was somehow taken over by “Eat on the Wild Side” and NMC lists them as having a course. But the course schedule on their web page is a blank calendar.

Louisiana Technical College Young Memorial campus also used to have a course, but they are no longer listed anywhere on the current approved course list on NMC’s web page.

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Eat on the Wild Side says it’s a fishing industry (Halibut and Salmon) apprenticeship program to bring young people into the industry.

The website says that the Crawford family donated their curriculum. Instead of Crawford Nautical School, it’s now called Crawford Nautical Training.

I’m really surprised that some other growing, quality license prep school didn’t buy well established Crawford.

Crawford is where i got my mate’s license. Awesome people and so smart.

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