Upgrade to 2m w/tankerman PIC

Upgrading from 3rd to 2nd mate and also have tankerman PIC. Have not currently utilized PIC so I do not have any transfers under license time, only from getting through cadetship. Will the tankerman PIC(DL) carry over when upgrading or would I have to get on a tanker/atb to get the transfer recency before upgrading? I would obviously like to keep this endorsement

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Tankerman PIC is its own separate endorsement. What license you hold does not dictate anything HOWEVER you will need 2 loads and 2 discharges when it comes time to renew your Tankerman/PIC.

Short answer: yes it will carry over.

If you’re upgrading and not renewing it should stay. If you’re trying to renew, it may not carry over since you have no recency. Maybe @jdcavo can help.

Yeah if you’re doing an actual renewal with no loads/discharges within 5 years it will drop off.
There might be a course you can take to keep it.

Tankerman PIC
(a). Submit 90 days of service during the preceding 5 years onboard a tank
vessel performing duties associated with the endorsement held, AND
(b). Two transfers of liquid cargo in bulk of the type for which the endorsement
is valid within the last 5 years (service and transfers on OSV’s in which the
COI requires a Tankerman PIC or a licensed officer authorized to conduct or
supervise transfers is acceptable for renewal); OR
(c). An approved tankerman course completed within 5 years.

You will find it here:

I had a friend in a similar situation. He ended up putting his PIC in continuity since he didn’t have the load/discharge requirement. So maybe that would be an option for you as well, unless you can make those loads/discharges happen somewhere?

Thanks for the clarification everyone. I actually didn’t know you could specifically put tankerman PIC in continuity while still sailing on your license. Interesting

Don’t do this. Take the PIC course and keep it active.

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Are you renewing or just upgrading?

What about star center? You can get 2 loads via a simulator.

I think some one told me if you go to a company like sgs and explain what you need they will let you shadow the pic and give you paperwork. Not sure what they would charge for this tho.

Just upgrade from 3m to 2m. Might also try to take the 1600 master while im at it

If you’re just upgrading than the PIC is valid until your original expiration date.

Only if you are upgrading, and not renewing, i.e. you get 2nd Mate, but the expiration date in your MMC stays the same. If you want a new MMC with a new 5 year expiration, you need the renewal requirements for everything in your MMC, including tankerman and STCW.

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