Unseated After 2 Years - New Top Poster Captain-A


Looks like I’m no longer gCaptain’s Top poster:


Hi John

Can you write out the list for us? That pic is much too small to read anything.



I think this means I need to get a life…


Captain A, You have a life,helping other people on this form, we appreciate it very much:D:D


You should consider substance, too.


Way to go C_A, you may not have a life but you have enriched all of ours here,through your posts…May they be serious and on topic or loaded with sarcasm and humor…:smiley:

Your never ending quest for truth and justice from the NMC is a model for all well informed mariners …Bravo Zulu


[QUOTE=Capt. Lee;13790]You should consider substance, too.[/QUOTE]

Don’t worry Lee, you’re still top in my book :wink:

Actually the software does have the capability to measure substance but we have to get everyone to start rating posts and user “reputation”.


John-Well, when I get as old as C_A maybe I will have more free time to field more comments.


If I don’t get a job soooon. I may turn to [B]substance abuse [/B]and go live under a bridge.:o


Move west, young man, you can let seattle pay and house you for free


Talk to THEMANOVERBOARD, I am sure his past experience will set you straight, you might even want to buy his book


[QUOTE=Capt. Lee;13800]John-Well, when I get as old as C_A maybe I will have more free time to field more comments.[/QUOTE]

What’s Anchorman’s excuse for topping you? :wink:


He is full of one liners. If you were to count characters between he and I…then I would have him beat hands down. Plus he is my senior by 4 months.


It is not the size of your pencil…but how you sign your name!

**this apllies to “other things” as well, if you know what I mean?


[quote=seadawg;13839]It is not the size of your pencil…

**this apllies to “other things” as well, if you know what I mean?[/quote]

Seadawg- They only tell that to the guys with the little pencils and if you believe it the thing between your ears must be smaller than your pencil!


capt. lee

sorry for you…you really have a sensative soul…personally never recieved a complaint…got that “size of your pencil” thing from a “working girl” in NOLA that I’ve known (not in the biblical sense) for 20 years…quess she might be considered a expert on that particular subject…very nice lady by the way!


Seadawg-Are you taking medication?


Seadawg-Congratulations. I hope your sister can retire soon.


capt. lee

thank you for inquiring as to my health…happy say that thru diet, cardio-walking, viatimin, and supplements I have managed to loose 40+ lbs., off bp med, off insulin…drink in moderation, the rare cigar…aahh!!life is so so good…while many of our peers are obese, chain smokers, alcoholics, diabetics, bp problems, heart desease…are you aware the average life expectancey for our peer group is 54…ever wonder why management and USCG lowered the boom on the physical requirements…I can remember when if you were warm and had a pulse you had a job…scarey isn’t it!

as for the lady…she is not related…she is however quite comfortably semi-retired with a few very choice escorts working for her with whom I occassionally indulge myself.


“average life expectancey for our peer group is 54”

Hmmm, 6 months left…:eek: