Union Productivity


The biggest problem I’ve seen is chiefs and 1AEs not putting in the work to document deficiencies and fire people. It’s a HUGE problem! When a guy caught sleeping multiple times and fucks up almost every piece of equipment he touches doesn’t get fired it makes us all look bad.


A good work ethic is something that is developed during a persons upbringing or shortly after a young adult enters the work force. I have given the same enthusiasm while working at union & non-union companies. I have supervised union & non-union workers and can say it’s the same mix of good workers & slackers when a union is involved or not. The problem is many slackers who are in unions have more resources to keep their jobs & crappy work ethics at the same time. Just as a slimball defense attorney will give all lawyers a bad name by using every trick in the book to get a criminal an acquittal, slackers & some union officials will use every trick in the book to keep POS workers employed.

Another problem I noticed is people with bad work ethics will bunch together on the same vessel or department & then it becomes near impossible to change the work culture. This happens on both union & non-union vessels but for management it is a lot easier to clean house with non organized operations.


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Mmmm, maybe I’m biased in that I am with MEBA, but your beef is against individual members, not the union as a whole. I could probably pick out the dirtbags in your union too, had I been exposed to them (I work with SIU). File a grievance if you feel you are being robbed of OT. I am not kidding. Bitching does nothing.

I got into it recently with someone else who had a beef about food of all things. Important subject. He claimed he was getting “half cooked food.” His words to the letter. I asked him what he did about it. Did he contact the union. Did he call the Coasties. Undercooked food is a health hazard.

Crickets. All he wanted to do was bitch. If you do not use your resources, then nothing happens. At least if you file a grievance you will know one way or another if something can or will be done about it.


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As a chief engineer I have to say I never got he directive from the union to order or not to order parts. Unions have no say in that


Had a guy like that once. His nickname was Errol Flynn.