Union numbers

Hey all,

Still researching into exactly how the maritime unions function and one thing keeps escaping me. Does anyone disclose which companies employ which unions licensed personnel? Can anyone point me in the right direction to a document, if one exists, that lists which companies/vessels are crewed by which unions? Just trying to get a feel of what union has what type of work. Thanks!

Some companies hire from more than one union. For example I called Penn Maritime and they asked me if I was with local 333 or SIU.

I think both AMO and MMP have photo galleries that are labeled as to which ship and what company, etc. MEBA also employs Deck folks too as well as engineers, as does AMO. Look at the websites, you should be able to figure it out.

Call your local ports office and ask for a list of signatory companies . .

Or call the HQ for the Union and ask them if they could send you same . .

MARAD used to publish a pamphlet that listed all the American shipping companies and which union(s) they were affiliated with. Great resource for job hunting. Check thier website and see if they still have it.

There probably is such a document somewhere but in fifteen years I haven’t found it. How I found out was to send out a hundred of resumes to various shipping companies - -those names can be found online-- only to be turned down and referred to a specific union.
It turns out that although I have been employed for those fifteen years, it looks like I picked the WRONG union; that being AMERICAN MARITIME OFFICERS. So now the pension that I was counting on on has been reduced to pennies on the dollar.
I won’t go on and on ----but I could.
Good luck!!!:mad: