Union Contracts and CONMAR Questions

Academy student newbie here.

How do people differentiate a good contract from a bad one?

Is it just the pay and the rotation?

Or do other things go into consideration like:
The vessel?
The vessel’s primary mission?
Location of the ship?
Don’t want to fly to Djibouti to relieve someone?

Also, how does the Military Sealift Command-MEBA agreement work? I sign up at MEBA first then work at MSC for 2 years? Or the other way around?
This results in higher Group status and fee waiver?

Lastly, I really like the mission of MSC but don’t like the limited vacation time.

Does a MSC-CONMAR mariner still get relieved 2-5 months overdue?
At least they get to enjoy not being called back after a month right? Unlike CIVMAR guys?
Are CONMAR contracts always available at MEBA?
Does AMO have more CONMAR contracts?

I want to get my engine license and join either MEBA or AMO, whoever has the most CONMAR opportunities.

Depends on the mariner a lot.

Me? Well I’d haul souls on the Styx for the right money and rotation… or make runs from Djibouti. Pretty much the same thing.

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