Understanding China

The summer of 2020 would suffice

Help me out here…Are you comparing the actions of the US government during covid19 to the actions of the Chinese government during Tiananmen?

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That is, of course, understandable. I do not blame the Chinese people for the actions of the Chinese government when tanks literally ran over the protestors turning them into red slush. Everyone is familiar with the famous protester standing in front of the tanks. Much fewer people have seen the aftermath of when he left. Or I could post the streets wet with blood, run over bodies and bicycles.

However, I’m not sure @ombugge Chinese internet provider would let him see the pictures. And I’m not too keen on bringing those images up on my work laptop. So, if necessary, I can post tonight. And naturally, his response will be some whataboutism with the US government in a thread stroking the short Chinese cock.

Remember the commies arent there for the people they are there for the party.
The CCP constitution says so.
That also applies to the rest of the world as fair game.

They have experimented with capitalism and looks like thats about to be a spectacular failure re the governments role in money supply and control.

I think a few other things happened in the summer of 2020, if you care to remember.
I could post some links to refresh your memory if you want?

Still waiting for your pictures, or have they been censored as too gory for sensitive Mariners?

Those canny Chinese:(不错的小伙子)

Ken Ford

bet they hide their air force in the air lol.

China is gaining ground on trade deals with other Asian and Pacific nations:

Not to clutter up the Ukraine thread, here is a bit more reality on China -Taiwan relations:

And on the incursion of Chines warplanes into Taiwan “airspace”:

The Taiwan Air Defence Identification Zone is self-declared and stretches way outside Taiwan Airspace, incl. into Chinese mainland

The flight path of the Chinese planes on 4th Oct. 2021 is indicated on the map.

PS> If Cuba should declare an ADIZ that included half of Florida I assume that the US would just accept that??

Life in China

While the focus is on Russia/Ukraine/NATO…

"A leaked draft security agreement being negotiated between China and Solomon Islands has triggered alarm in the Pacific, including in Australia and New Zealand. The two neighbours are worried it could jeopardise regional stability, with China having the opportunity to base navy warships in the Pacific less than 2,000km off the Australian coast."

So last time the country decended into civil war Australia went over the help but we cleary didnt bribe enough.
I see a Japanese model here, strip resources and then off to the next 3rd world island

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In the Solomon Islands both Australia and New Zealand sent troops and police to restore order at the request of the Solomon Government. The riots destroyed business properties in Honiara, many belonging to Chinese. This is not the first time it has happened and it has also happened in Tonga.
It has been revealed that large sums of money have been paid to the Solomon Islands Prime Minister and other members of Parliament by the Chinese. I doubt that Yuan was the currency used.
Up until now order has been restored by police and a lightly armoured patrol boat. Why do the Chinese think it requires a guided missile destroyer or two?

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Perhaps its all about getting a foerign power to help you stay in power

"To understand why, it helps to think of this not as a security deal between China and Solomon Islands, but between the Chinese Communist Party and the deeply unpopular and corrupt Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. The provisions in the draft deal for China to provide assistance in “maintaining social order” are seen as Sogavare being able to call on the PLA to suppress anyone who stands in his—or his CCP patron’s—way.

A main target is the country’s most populous province, Malaita. When Sogavare unilaterally switched Solomons from Taiwan to China in 2019, the Government of Malaita and the Malaita High Council of Chiefs issued the Auki Communiqué. In part, it stated the Malaita Provincial Government “strongly resolves to put in place a Moratorium on Business Licenses to new investors connected directly or indirectly with the Chinese Communist Party.”

Celsus Irokwato Talifilu, adviser to Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani, recently described how he saw Chinese businesses operating in Solomons: “Our forests and people have been raped and pillaged by a logging monster that lives in China. While the legs and wings of the dragon are in Malaysia and the Philippines, we know where its home cave is. We’ve watched it bribe and corrupt countless leaders, and we know it will never stop.”

Malaita’s Premier Suidani, later proved how serious he was about not engaging with the CCP. He fell ill and required medical treatment outside the country. Being an honest politician, he didn’t have the funds required for treatment in Australia. Sogavare’s government stalled on providing him with support, saying it would be offered if he rescinded his objections to China’s activities in Malaita. He refused—effectively saying he’d rather die than take CCP money directly or indirectly.

In the end, through the humanitarian interventions of Prof M.D. Nalapat in India and President Tsai of Taiwan, Premier Suidani received the treatment he needed in Taiwan. When he returned to Solomons, Sogavare’s proxies in the province tried to engineer a vote of no confidence to take him out. Widespread ground level support for the premier thwarted the attempt. But Sogavare and the CCP haven’t given up on taking out the irritant.

And the people of Solomon know it."

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yes China just like Japan re the pacific

Tomorrow is the 25th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese Sovereignty:

The Jul 1 handover anniversary in Hong Kong has traditionally been marked by tens of thousands taking to the streets in peaceful rallies every year, but this year it will be a scaled down affair with strict Covid-19 restrictions still in place.


PS> I can’t find anything about who will represent the British Government at the official ceremony.(??)

It was never British was it. Revisionist history is being written as we speak. The Cantonese language is being suppressed and the Museum of History in Chatham Road South is open but some areas are closed due to Covid.

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Big problems in little China
As most know the biggest threat to the commie party are the Chinese in China
This has been going on for weeks in regional banks, scary part is it seems to be growing.
I would have thought he central gov would just fill in the funding asap but?

on top of this…
all self inflicted of course

the worlds biggest threat today…

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Submarine Cables and Container Shipments: Two Immediate Risks to the US Economy if China Invades Taiwan (safety4sea.com)