Understanding China

They might be taken out to learn how to plant rice…lol


No surprise as my contact that worked there said the Gov can see the issues coming and he said that 4-5 years ago hence he told me Alibaba and Jack etc. will disappear to help create the missing middle class industries and hence create employment.
Creating labour intensive industries works if the gov owns or funds them and if its for internal commerce. You can only sell overseas if your currency tanks.

maybe they all worked in the chip industry?
Hard to believe but Chinese chip maker broke.

More trouble but just the beginning of a huge problem in China.
Xi got no option but to take control of property as everyone’s money is tied up in assets they paid 3-4x too much for.

Falling like dominoes now, but only $USD30 Billion

Looks like China is not going to implode just yet. The are still the number 1 manufacturer and exporter of stuff for the world:

They are doing well ( acording to their figures) but have headwinds

Sad, though. Sissy boys are needed to balance out the ultra misogynists in China.

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I’ve seen their videos. Their early videos while in China were really interesting.

I notice India sinking the boots in now re media etc
Its dark cold and they are unemployed in increasing numbers.

Plenty more to come as talk now is XI might have to go or the whole ccp.
Imagine that , then they could take their place in the world if they get Taiwan to be the capital

ccp got no friends

so now china is dark cold and now hungry, thats where commies normally end up

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“Eat clean your rice bowl” is an old Chinese tradition that Parents used to teach children from a young age. Especially Grand Parents that remembers the days when shortage of food was common in China.

Sek baau mei? (Have you eaten your fill yet?) is used as a greeting in Cantonese to this day.


its just like America…

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I hear they have good egg rolls…

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Today is the 110th anniversary of Xinhai Revolution, which is celebrated in China (PRC) as the end of Imperial Rule in China:

It is also celebrated on Taiwan (ROC) as their National Day (AKA Ten-Ten Day):

Here is from the celebration in Hong Kong SAR:


Cant see that it was a trap its just that the Chinese shot both feet off so the press can make up a scenario to fit the reality.

I should post links to Tiananmen Square. Then you’ll really understand China rather than being a shill.


Any suggestion what link would be best to understand USA??
Something recent and relevant would be best.
Looking forward to your enlightened opinion.

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Tienanmen Square was in 1989, lot of changes since then for good and and bad. The USA has had its problems since 1989, some were viewed to be at least as bad as the incident at Tienanmen Square. I am no fan of the Chinese government just as I am no fan of the US government but I do not judge the people of either country by those who govern them, especially considering the oligarchy rules and controls the government in both countries.