Understanding China


it is that simple, technology has allowed one party regimes huge oversight on their populations and as I said China is taking that to an extreme to ensure they stay in control.
I can see why the queue to buy iphones at every shop is huge ( as are the stores) in China.


The reality of smartphone sales:


I have to ask, are you serious?


ok, my comment was based on observation, in the big cities, the Iphone stores are 4 times bigger than anything else and always packed. Their opposition stores are tiny and there is nobody there.
Maybe they buy online?


Pathetic, a very pathetic suicidal European point of view. Neither the USSR nor the PRC ever achieved a theoretical Marxist state where the Socialist tyrannical state apparatus disappears and a classless stateless society emerges. In fact the term USSR is an admission of that so called transitional political model which never resulted in the impossible and dehumanized “communist” state. The PRC is a tyrannical one party extreme socialist state as was the USSR, but learned out of necessity from the USSR implosion in time to transition to a state directed market based one. They steal every bit of Western and Eastern developed technology they get their hands on as Siemens found out when the PRC took their tech plans for a next generation rail system and walked away with it. You are as hapless and cut from the same cloth as Elon Musk who is building a Tesla plant in China to bypass tariffs, clever if not for the theft of technological processes which is the end game. The fact that Taiwan has been abandoned by most of the world, especially the socialist democracies of Europe should come as no surprise since Europe stands for nothing except hollow words, a lockstep planned society and a globalist agenda. In context of the President’s visit to your dying pathetic continent and his desperate pleading to keep it alive coupled with my usual stay in Europe, the un-avoidable conclusion is western Europe is beyond saving and only the former satellite states of eastern Europe gets it. They still remember the high water mark of Islam at Vienna’s gates and the iron curtain at their borders. Merkel for example is the best example of a train wreck in slow motion. BMW may think it’s clever to collaborate with the PRC, but as you yourself pointed out, the Chinese have a history of patience and strategic thinking which will result in an advantage to only PRC in the long run. Western Europeans seem to embrace the notion that the PRC will supplant us as they may…but you will long regret when it becomes reality.


My answer is check the UN’s own demographic projection tables for all of Europe. France will be first.


So why does a citizen of Estados Unidos de América care about that?


Because we are getting tired of hauling your asses out of the fire and would prefer not to have to do it again.


So you agree with the maniac? You do know that Idiocracy was a movie? not a step by step guide.


Why does a citizen of a nation which is a part of Western civilization and a first generation citizen of USA care about the survival of our civilization and the implications of the destruction of western institutions, religion, traditions, culture, heritage, care at all, gee I guess I should not if your response is indicative of the population I am concerned with. I think I see your point of view, perhaps I should welcome our destruction and encourage welcoming the new “tenants”, the survival of the fittest civilization filling the vacume we are creating. Create a vacume, it will be filled, isn’t that a law of physics as well? Any civilization not capable or willing to defend itself is not worthy of surviving, thank you for pointing that out!


Ah so I am a maniac, the typical template of the left. That is how the populations of western Europe are cowered into silence and refuse to defend themselves, they are immediately shouted down, a new political straightjacket akin to the former iron curtain days, when every neighbor snitches, spies and publically denounces what is perceived as counter-revolutionary. Personal attacks are leveled when the issues cannot be effectively argued against. I will try to not wander off from maritime issues in the future as this is becoming a tiring exercise and the reason I joined this blogsite, but at times I feel compelled to do so.


errata: “,NOT the reason I joined this blogsite…”


Yes that is true. You should try a bit of it, not just thinking in 2-year election cycles, or between each quarterly reporting cycle.

That is different from the “America First” policy of the present administration, which will NOT advantage America in the long run.


“the Chinese have a history of patience and strategic thinking”
no they dont, 50 Japanese marched in and ran the country and they are still embarrassed about that.

Now they have some money and lots of stolen technology to puff their chests out trying desperately to make the past go away which is causing lots of issues in SE Asia when the history of China is the people are not aggressors but the gov seems to be?
They just need to vote them out…oh they cant can they.


Many have tied to conquer China, but nobody succeed for long.
Japan tried but failed in less than a decade.
The British tried but they did not managed to force their rule on all of China. They could only manage to take control a few treaty ports by Gun boat diplomacy. At least they held on for almost a century.
The Mongols were more successful. They ruled China for a few centuries, but they eventually got absorbed into the Chinese masses.


You should try to take off your “Stars & Strips” tinted glasses next time you travel to Europe (or China).
Maybe you will be able to see the world a little more clearly:

(Sorry, couldn’t find a picture of anybody else wearing them)


I am not sure what the point of that statement is. China is a very large market in the global playground. Even GM knows this as they sell more vehicles there than the US. https://247wallst.com/autos/2018/01/04/gm-sold-more-cars-in-china-than-in-the-us-again-last-year/


BMW produce more cars at their $8 Bn. plants in USA then they do in China, or Germany.
They are also the largest exporters of cars from USA:

They added 1000 jobs in South Carolina last year:

Sorry to bring facts into the discussion again. I know it is upsetting to some tender souls.


Very interesting your statement that the PRC has brought many millions out of poverty in the last 50 years; true by utilizing their newly employed free market strategies and by tapping into the Hong Kong template after that territory was ceded back. Yes what lefties do not want to admit in it’s entirety is the fact that free market capitalism around the world when employed with safeguards against monopolistic tendencies has brought around one billion people out of poverty around the world. India is a prime example of doing an about face from the socialist model of the 50’s and becoming an economic powerhouse.


Perhaps you may want to take off your rose or shall I say red tinted glasses when viewing the European and Asian chain of events. Yes let us embrace the one world no borders anarchist strategies of the Open Society organizations.