Understanding China


“News” from 01. Jan. 2018??

Here is a bit newer news about China:

China ain’t taking it on the chin without retaliating where it hurts.(In Nov. and 2020)

Some see where the future market is and take the necessary action to be in position for it:

And business goes on as normal:

Pity if the Trump 2020 campaign has to pay 25% import duty on their flags, but everything to secure American jobs for American workers.

You live in Singapore, a place run by people of Chinese descent. You should know that they are very money conscious, cunning and able to outsmart just about anybody.
PS> They did not learn it from their former colonial masters either.


they seem to trying to buy friends everywhere


money money money, is the Chinese motto
But lets see if the Chinese can stop consuming $14 Billion of USA soy each year, I dont think so


US is not banning sale of soya beans to China. It is China putting tariff on import of US soy.
If Chinese importers cannot get enough soy from other major producers, like Brazil, Argentina etc. they just have to pay the import duty on US soy.


China putting some US soya into ‘State Reserves’ and absorbing the hit. No doubt well connected importers may use this as a route to bypass the tariff.



Did you read my post?
China needs the USA supply so just hurting themselves. USA wins the soy issue


Yes I did read your post. Did you read mine and Tellarian’s post above.
If China cannot find the soya beans they need from other sources they will compensate the importers for the extra cost of buying US soya.
It is a matter of winning a trade war, but not hurting their own consumers. The Chinese are pragmatic and know how to handle these kind of things. They are no fools.


Add tariffs then subsidize the extra cost of the import?
And the point of a tariff is?


and another person dreaming of making China great


Yup, when Norway becomes the Islamic Republic of Norway, and fully integrated into the continent of Eurabia, the population of Norway will blossom as the Arabian/ African demographics will bless you with a flourishing demography kamerad.


Yes murderous communist nations have always been interested in free and fair trade as well as playing a major role in a one world economy comrade.


Comrade, it is you who are waiting for the 4rth international who are living in the wrong time. Bet you believe the Socialist/Marxist “experiment” in Venezuela rendering that nation impoverished and literally starving, with Bolivia soon to follow is the “shining path” Peruvian style which is indicative of economic and social global progress I assume?


I will say sir that your insightful articles are factual and spot on; the fact that China as in PRC is a huge threat to the remaining little world people like us is an understatement. I will not argue that we can ever economically defeat them in the quantification of produced and finished products, but retaining critical industrial base as well as intellectual and technological property must be addressed now as Trump is doing. I find it too rich that the PRC is ostensibly concerned about their intellectual property and patent protections when they have been steeling our and the entire Western and developed Eastern world’s technology for decades.


Yup seen it in Pakistan and several African nations, handing out freebies and building ports etc with few “minor” strings attached like an imbedded Chinese ex-pat community and first rights of usage.


The ROC indeed was recognized as a de-facto if not de-juris independent nation decades ago and sat on the UN security council. The fact that you have the gall to defend the genocidal murderous communist imperialist red Chinese dictatorship speaks volumes of what enlightened globalist elitists plan and ponder…another hapless EC fly the white flag of surrender clone.


Perhaps you could apply for a permanent visa to North Korea and enjoy the dynastic workers paradise and charming concentration camps and starvation first hand. Remember to store enough calories in advance to forego any hardship comrade.


Holy x-ist, which rock did you just crawl out from under?
McCarthyism is dead and gone and China is “communist” in name only.
Get to grips with today’s reality.


Meanwhile China may play a waiting game on Trump, something they are very, very good at…


call it want you want but the totalitarian state has total control over its population and it tightens the noose everyday.


It is not that simple. In 1999, after prolonged negotiations, including the financing of the Three Gorges Dam by the UK, Hong Kong was ceded back to China (PRS) as a Special Administrative Region. China’s reasoning was that it was taking over HK. In actuality HK took over China, the entrepenurial spirit of Guandong (Canton) was the catalyst that led to the industrialization and modernization of China. HK has and is still developing whilst the rest of the country has been catching up, look at the likes of Chongqing, the Hongs knew this and planned accordingly…

This has bought prosperity to the Chinese and enormous wealth to a relative few.

The leadership, communist in name only, know this and that they will be empowered as long as the country prospers. That is why they are making long term, generational plans and investments far beyond the lifetimes of the present leadership.

There is a Chinese saying for the position the leadership are in - they are Riding the Tiger.