Understanding China


It is not likely that anything, other than an official protest from China will result from placing a dozen or less Marine Guards at the brand new defacto Embassy in Taipei.
The same can be said for appointing a senior carrera Diplomat as head of the American Institute,who will be a defacto US Ambassador to a non-existing country. (Which US does not recognize as independent)

Why are they doing this, other than to piss of China? What are they hoping to gain by this action?? (If it happens)

I can see no gain from this but plenty of pitfalls:

It helps cementing support for the Chinese Government among its own people and by countries who also feel bullied by the present US administration. (There are plenty of those these days)

It gives China an opportunity to take the US to the Security Council to get a vote against. (Which will be vetoed)

It can stir up the pro-independence parties in Taiwan to believe that the US will actually come to their aid IF they should provoke China into changing status quo.

Another proof that the present US administration live in their own dream world, or in the wrong time.


what we need is for Taiwan to go and liberate China and then there will be peace in the world

PS who trusts china?
who want to migrate to china?
There is the land or the free and there is China…


So an imperialist, genocidal, dictatorship says they own Taiwan, Taiwan says they’re independent, and you side with the genocidal ones? That says a lot about you…


No no, this is an example of the “good kind” of nationalism displayed by “the motherland” that he’s discussed before.


I seldom agree with Trump on anything, but when he asked; “Do you think we are so innocent??” I believe he for once spoke the truth.

PS> Why don’t you two concentrate your effort on commenting things American that you may be having a little knowledge of.

You are just showing your ignorance of anything going on outside USA by trying to belittle everything and anything foreign, incl. your fellow seafarers of other nationalities.


A lesson in the ways of Ombugge 101:

Step 1: quote what I wrote which points out your previous hypocrisy.

Step 2: not address that hypocrisy

Step 3: deflect the conversation to other points not relevant to the quote, this thread, or anything being currently discussed.


Trump has a viewpoint from the past that the people relate too.

Had he, or someone like him, been in power 30 years ago it may have made some difference. That was then, but now is now.

A lot of toothpaste has come out of the tube and will never go back. Trump’s policies, although admirable in sentiment, will ultimately damage those he claims to help. He will spin it to his advantage which ever way it falls, that’s what he does - look at his turn on Harley.


Yes I think the 30 years ago was when the middle class started taking a dive.
That would continue unless some of those old policies are fixed.
I think Trump worked out the bickering in congress will go forever if you try and amend the them so just cancel them and start again.
The USA exports less value in good as a percentage of GDP than any modern country on the planet, 5% in 1960 and 11% in 2016, in other words not many people in the USA working to make the country richer as a percentage of the total.
For expample;
Buying Chevs and Fords doesnt make your richer, selling them overseas does. Importing BMW’s and Mercedes certainly makes you poorer then if you make them cheap because they come in tax free and your exports are taxed at the other end might explain where the USA is today financially.
Debt to GDP ratio is a good number to check on how your going
Pretty easy to see the USA is the sucker on just about all the trade in the world and the former winners are throwing the toys out of the pram now that its going to be different.
If imported items are getting expensive, well tough, they are hurting the country when there is no contra deal at the other end.


Chinese expanded presents in Sri Lanka is economical and part of the BRI but not a military in nature according to this article:


the chinese company with the lease on Darwin port is going broke so chinese gov bailed it out, does that make it a chinese gov owned port?


More toys out of the pram…


Lots of companies around the world that has been bailed out by, or are partly or wholly owned by Governments, without that making them “suspect”.

PSA International is partly Singapore Government (Temasek) owned. Does that make all the terminals owned/operated by PSA (incl. in China and Europe) “Singapore government owned”??
If it does, is that a problem??

Australia and USA appears especially weary of anything Chinese these days, while many other countries welcome Chinese investments and trade.


yes gov owned
Owner Government of Singapore

DBS Bank
Singapore Airlines
ST Engineering
Bank Danamon
PSA International
Certis CISCO
SMRT Corporation
Surbana Jurong
Vertex Venture Holdings

Singapore doesnt have a reputation for meddling in other countries or an agenda to.
Has free trade with just about everyone, the gov came into being crushing commies…


PS Hows Sri Lanka going with their Chinese investment?


Not good for there point of view. They will never be able to repay the debt which what the Chinese originally planned. One service I sailed we had Sri Lankan officers & crew and we did crew changes off Galle. The port was built for political reasons and has been a white elephant since.


China still on the acquisition trail



Behind a paywall, but here is a similar article from an open source:


Meanwhile China trading to Sabetta


Looks like Trump is having an effect on China, their economic numbers and forecast are not looking good


Don’t underestimate, they are gaffing the Arabs the way Xing and Putin did to Venezuela: