Understanding China


no, it doesn’t surprise me…when it gets to the point that you can’t go outside without a SCBA, then yeah…it’s probably time to rapidly develop some clean energy technology.


Last weeks edition of The Economist have a Special Report on China that is very informative:

Here is a link to the first article in that report:

For those who are interested in actual facts and insights on China it is worth the effort to buy a copy.


The first indigenous built Chinese aircraft carrier has completed her maiden sea trial without a hitch, which is unusual for any first of any type of ships:


If there was any hitch we would have been the first to hear about it. Yeah right!


Are you implying that good ol’ British institution like the South China Morning Post would be telling lies, or hiding facts??
Could it be that China is actually able to build ships as good, or even better, than the self-styled “experts” in major Western countries? No, that would be too horrible a thought to even contemplate.


I am very careful with what I regard as factual from any single media source and I am unsure whether the South China Morning Post is still staffed by the the same wild men of journalism that used to hang out in The Press Club in HongKong in the late sixties. The parties were a real blast.
The Strait Times used to be a straight shooter with their journalism until the government kept jailing the editors.
Over the years I have seen the advances in quality and design in shipbuilding in first Japan and then South Korea and now China. China still has a way to go before it reaches the standards of the first two. Shipyards are still behind in quality control and skill levels and unfortunately there are still pockets of corruption which have cost some shipowners dearly.
China has started a long term plan to exert control throughout the Pacific never mind the South China Sea. Pacific island nations have had pressure applied to shut down any criticism and Chinese nationals are at real risk if the have relatives still in China. There have been some disquieting things happen in both Australia and New Zealand. In one instance an academic critical of China had her home broken into and only her laptops and hard drives stolen.


I think China knows its behind in everything, that why it has so many spies trying to steal USA and others countries industrial stuff.
Oh another one caught in the USA this week.

Wake me up when I have some technology device in my home/car/boat/office that is Chinese and its either an invention or better than the others.


China has 2,000,000 censors scanning the internet in China deleting any reference to Tiananmen Square according to a report covering The 29th anniversary of the event which was yesterday.


all that resource but they cant find a shred of evidence that they have any ownership to the South China Sea?


China has clarified it’s stand on mutual security in Asia at the recently completed Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore:

Now of course, since this is said be China it’ll have to be BS, lies and propaganda and not to be trusted.


Total BS
security from whom?
They are making everyone in SE Asia nervous as the new bully not to be trusted


At the same time the US is planning to provoke China unnecessarily by sending a Carrier Group thru Taiwan Strait. For what??
Maybe one day in the not too far future China or Russia will send a flotilla thru the Florida Strait, just to irritate the Americans.

Security from a Superpower that is buthurt because they are afraid of loosing their status as the world’s hegemon, that is who.

With an uninformed, unhinged person in control of the “nuclear button” it is no wonder that “everyone in S.E.Asia is nervous of the new bully not to be trusted”. Europe is getting nervous too.


you seem to be living in your own dream world…
China has unilaterally just taken land it wants in SE Asia, they are bullying all the nations as I witnessed on a rig off KK and the crew said also happened in Vietnam
Total dictator running China.
Facts not conjecture
The USA is taking what or threatening what in SE Asia?


China cleaning up its act:


No I’m not living in a dream world, but in the real world any among people who don’t believe everything that the western media and propaganda is spreading to suite their agenda.

You may believe in conspiracy theories and biased opinions, but not everybody is that gullible.


are you saying the media is saying China is putting weapons on islands in the in the South China Sea when in actual fact they are not?
You really are deluded


Every politician in every country is putting out spin these days along with multinational players. We, the poor bastards that pay for it, depend on a free media and strong opposition parties in government to weigh the veracity on the claims or counter claims. What happens if you disagree with what Putin said? Well you go to jail; there is a couple of 17 year old female students that have been locked up right now. In China you will disappear. There is only one media outlet and it is under government control. Every news release has been carefully crafted by those in power.



Here is an article from a Government owned news source about the diversity of Chinese media:

China is changing and the social media in China has a lot to do with that. The large number of people with access to internet make it impossible to control what is being said and Chinese leaders are fully aware of that.


No I’m not suffering from any delusion about China, or anywhere else for that matter.
Yes China has created islands from reefs in the SCS and they do have weapons on them. Do they threaten mainland USA?

But USA has bases on islands all around China and are making threatening noises about containing China.
Not only by financial and economical means but with military force.