Understanding China


Yes it is a shame what has been done to Cuba by the 50 years of US embargo to make them change their political system and accept American domination again.

I don’t know if the majority of Cubans would want the days of a US installed dictator under New York Mafia domination back again. They may not be rich, but at least they are not being oppressed by a foreign power.


Every country has the right to decide who it will, and will not, do business with.

Castro decided to cozy up to the Soviet Union and threaten the US with Soviet missles. So the US choose not to do business that would prop up the Castro regime.

The US subsequently took in millions of Cuban refugees fleeing Castro’s repressive communist dictatorship. Cubans have done very well in the US. Cubans in the US are the most strident supports of the embargo. Eventually, some of these Cuban-Americans will return to Cuba and rebuild it on the US model.


That was in 1962 and a lot has happened since then. (Bay of Pigs, Exploding cigars and the end of the Cold War among them)

The majority of Cubans are left on Cuba. They have the right to choose who should govern them without being dictated by a foreign power.

I believe the Miami Cubans are free to return to Cuba, as long as they abide by the laws and don’t try to take over the Government by force. (Or are they banned from doing so as US citizens??)


Substitute Taiwan for Cuba and China for the US in this post and perhaps you’ll see your hypocrisy come to light.

Or is that just an example of the “good kind” of nationalism displayed by “the motherland”?


Then there’s this:

So now sailing within international waters is cause for ‘raising China’s ire’?

The irony is that they they are protesting freedom of navigation patrols by saying that those ships shouldn’t be navigating in those (international) waters… Which kinda proves why these patrols are necessary.


China has no trade embargo on Taiwan and the largest number of tourist visiting Taiwan are Chinese.
Tawinan companies are among the largest investors in China, with a lot of factories operating there.

As long as nobody upset the status quo, or disputes the “One China” policy that have been accepted by the UN and nearly all countries individually (USA incl.), there is no danger of any Chinese military action to reunify Taiwan with the mainland. China take a long view on things and sooner or later it will happen without a fight.

The hypocrisy is on the other side; Americans refusing to accept that Cuba has a different political system and philosophy from theirs.

Maintaining a trade embargo and travel ban since the incident in 1962, at the height of the cold war, is ludicrous. Cuba have not been a military threat to USA since that crisis was resolved,
The Bay of Pigs should be enough to teach the US that military might is not all it has been made out to be.

How much have this farce has cost both Cuba and the US over this long period is anybodies guess.


Has any merchant ships been hindered in free passage through the South China Sea?
Or any naval ship for that matter, as long as they stay outside territorial waters??

The game played by American Navy vessels steaming passed the newly created islands with an oversized flag flying and the China protesting that they are in their waters is a fairly harmless pursuit.
Keep it at that level and nobody gets hurt.

Meanwhile the ASEAN countries with territorial claims in the South China Sea is working with China to establish a “Code of Conduct” and joint exploitation of the resources there.
The last thing that is needed is for USA to muddy the waters for their own agenda.


umm…except Taiwan apparently.


Taiwan is not recognized as a separate entity by any major country and most Taiwanese are not keen on upsetting status quo.
Here is some background from a reliable news source:


Right… Their ‘status quo’ is as a separate entity from China and they don’t want to upset that. If Taiwan wanted to rejoin the ‘motherland’, why don’t they vote to do just that? Why do they protest in the streets against doing just that? If Taiwan was in a hurry to rejoin, why would China need to “ramp up the pressure” on Taiwan?:

China is a bully in that region and is just going to keep pushing until they get pushed back. Of course no one there is capable of doing so on their own so it’ll come down to will the US step in to back whoever says enough is enough. Time will tell.


With Taiwan it is only a matter of time, and the Chinese are good at waiting. Don’t forget that Taiwan also comprise the Kinmen Islands, literally on the coast of the mainland. The trade between Taiwan and China is massive, they are all Chinese and the inevitable will happen. The fact that the PRC haven’t taken the islands tells that it is a waiting game.

Meanwhile China is out-stripping the world…



Ah there’s the rub… Territorial by who’s definition? China’s? Take a look at that 9 dash line… Do you not think Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia (at a minimum) are going to have a problem with that???



And it is not just ore they are importing, China is changing so rapidly…



Status quo is that there are some unfinished business left behind from the war between the Communists and the Nationalists in the 1940’s. Very few people living on Taiwan are old enough to remember, or even care about those long gone days. They are more occupied with making a good living, as are the people on the mainland. As the conditions on both sides get more equal there are less and less reason to keep them separate.

China is not going to attack Taiwan, unless they are provoked. They will just wait out the development. Nor is any sensible Taiwanese dumb enough to provoke the Chinese into anything as stupid as that.

The danger is that an outside force do so because they are buthurt that China is fast overtaking them on several fronts and threaten their hegemony in the Pacific. That is also the biggest worry among China’s neighbours in the region.

Domestic politic may also play a role. KMT is loosing support and tried to revive old ideas about “retaking power on the mainland”. (Last in 2014) It is not getting much traction among the Taiwan people today.

The “nine-dash line” problem will be settled between the partners in due course, without any interference from someone on the other side of the world that has little if any commercial interests in the area.


The funny thing is that Kiwi Fruit originate from China, know as Chinese Gooseberries:

PS> China is open for business, allowing the old British Trading houses to re-establish themselves in China again.


I’m sure the good people of Taiwan are very grateful that they have a Norwegian globalist here to tell what’s best for them. Although it would probably be easier to just tune in to China State TV…they’d hear the same propaganda.

Unfinished business…funny…Hitler had unfinished business from the “war to end all wars” too…I guess we should have let that problem be solved “between the partners in due course, without any interference from someone on the other side of the world that has little if any commercial interests in the area.”

But I guess that’s just more stuff from long ago that doesn’t matter today…do they even teach history in Norway?


Yes I’m sure they still do. History, not propaganda and bravada.


How cruel of China, they don’t want to take any more scrap from USA until it learn to clean the scrap of contaminants:

Will the US overflow of contaminated scrap, or will they be able of offload it on some other underdeveloped country??


yes, china is the beacon of environmentally conscientious methods and activities that we should all try to follow…


It may be a surprise to you, but you are actually right for once. (Don’t make it a habit):