Understanding China


Didnt China cause start the Korean war in its maniacal communist must rule the world?
the whole creation of North Korea and its Nuclear power has been allowed to happen because of China.
North Korea could certainly decimate cities in China.
PS North Korea invaded south Korea 1950


Yes North Korea attacked the US occupied South Korea in 1950 because the promised unification of Korea did not occure as agreed, 5 years after the end of Japanese colonization ended.

The North was occupied by Soviet troops and the South by US troops. A Peoples Republic of Korea was established in the North while the US installed a puppet regime in their occupation zone. This was much the same as in Vietnam and Germany.
The UN attempted to hold free and fair election in both zones in 1948, with an agreement to withdraw all foreign troop before then.The Soviets withdrew from their zone in 1948, but the US maintain their troops in the South to this day.

The attempt to hold election failed because the Cold War had begun by then and the US was afraid that such vote would go against their interest. Election was eventually held in the South only, but was rejected as a valid vote on unification by the UN.

When war broke out in 1950 the North quickly took most of the peninsula in an attempt to unify the country by force. The UN, under S.Gen. Trygve Lie, formed a force under US leadership to reestablish status quo and drove the North back across the demarcation line. But when they continued all the way to the Chinese border, China intervened on the side of the North and push the nominally “UN force” back to the original position.

After 3 years of fighting and 2.5 mill. deaths the war ended in an armistice and the Korean peninsula still divided at the 38 parallel. That is where we are today, with little hope of a change in the foreseeable future.


unification in the name of commies always leads to lots of dead people


Yes, lot of North Korean “commies” died in the US bombing of the cities and towns there.


Then Malaysia
Then Vietnam
Then a bit in Indonesia
You lived a peaceful life in SE Asia once the commies stopped trying to expand.
I wonder why?


You wonder, but do you have any explanation why the “domino theory” proved to be wrong???


Under Stalin the domino theory wasn’t a theory it was a plan. While it doesn’t work easily with the Asian ethos as shown particularly in Vietnam and to a lesser extent in China, Singapore and HongKong would have been very different without Western intervention.
Singapore is what it is because it is a Financial Centre.


Microsoft teaming up with ZPMC


I assumed it was stopped in its tracks once they worked out you cant just walk in to a country?
They kept trying though with sending agents everywhere to cause trouble.
Malaysian emergency
a few bombs in Singapore
Not sure if Marcos had any or not, he just old Ronnie he did


At the end of WWII the ruling class in USA and Western Europe was dead scared of the spread of Communism, which was quite popular with the working class. At the same time colonialism was collapsing and nationalism was growing in the former colonies.

That Communism and Nationalism went hand in hand in many places made them even more scared, causing the western powers to go back on the agreements about support for nationalist leaders fighting for freedom. (I.e. China, Vietnam, Korea, Malaya, Indonesia etc.)

USA, as the dominant power, supported the former colonialist in retaking control of their colonies, with the exception of Korea, where it had been agreed to hold election on both sides of the dividing line and withdraw military forces by 1948. (It never happened) The same in Vietnam in 1956.

When China became a communist country in 1949 USA got even more scared. They pretended that the Nationalists on Taiwan was the “real China” for over two decades.

After two futile wars to shore up puppet regimes in South Korea and South Vietnam and several decades of trying to contain China, it may be time to realize that the world has changed. China and Vietnam is Communist in name only and North Korea is a family dynasty hell bent on survival and little else.

As to Singapore and Hong Kong they are able to survive and grow because of good governance, very free economies and, in the case of Singapore, it’s ability stay friendly with all major players.

The Malay Emergency in the 1950’s and the coupe in Indonesia in 1960’s was indeed cause by mostly local ethnic Chinese Communists seeking to gain political as well as economic influence. (Singapore was a separate Crown Colony at the time of the Emergency and a part of Malaysia during the “Konfrontasi” with Indonesia in the early 1960’s)

The bombing in Singapore in the 1960’s (McDonald House) was by Indonesian saboteurs (Konfrontasi)
The hijacking of the ferry Laju by the Japanese Red Army had nothing to do with Communism per se.


China is seeking to become an indispensable customer fostering two way trade:



This is good news and one small step toward closing a huge $300 billion plus balance of trade gap.

However, there is a big difference between buying finite natural resources like oil and gas, and soil depleting agricultural products vs. value added manufactured goods. China needs to import foreign oil, gas, and agricultural products from somewhere, so it’s a painless step for China toward reducing the trade gap to buy these things from the US.

This does not change the fact that the US is a net energy importer and should not be exporting crude oil or gas in the first place. That’s a really dumb policy which has hurt the Jones Act trade and US refiners. This is just pissing away what little energy security we have and raising US industrial and consumer energy costs.

The price of a new US made Tesla electric car in China is $47,000 more than in the US. That’s about ten times what the extra cost in China should be.


You didnt make it clear about the domino theory.
The domino part was with subversive tactics they tried to spread it everywhere, even Australia
What part proved to be wrong?


China has their own electric car now


Yes the propaganda departments on both sides tried to spread their “gospel” throughout the world.
They even fought proxy wars that killed millions in S.E.Asia, Middle-East, Africa. South and Central America.
Yet it was called a “Cold War”. because there were no direct clashes between the forces of the two super powers.

After having failed to win any of wars they engaged in the Soviet Union eventually collapsed, while the Americans claimed victory in the Cold War, but failed to learn anything from their failed adventures in Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Nicaragua and other Central American countries.

It was not their superior political system or military might that won the Cold War, it was their economic power and ability to outspend the Soviet Union.


Thats why the commies got angry, their ideology failed the people.
They sent too much time and money trying to prove the wests system was no good.


They spent too much money on the arms race and too little on the well being of their people.


no arms in Cuba


Not any more. They cannot afford them and, since the Cold War is over they don’t need them. (Unless Trump need a new outside enemy)


None of the Caribbean countries have ever had any significant weapons or military, except Cuba in its day as a Soviet proxy trying to export communism.

Cuba is a beautiful country in a great location with friendly and industrious people. It has tremendous potential. It’s a shame what Castro and communism has done to them. Better days are coming.