Unbelievable behavior on the phone

I called a company about work( not gonna name them on here), because their website has no application to download or fill out online. The website says call HR/Recuiter and gave a phone number. So when I called the secretary who answered the phone she was really short with me. When I very politly asked if I could speak with someone in HR or a recruiter, her reply was “What do you want?” (Really? What WTF do you think I want if I’m calling HR???) I replied that I would like to see if I could get an application for employment, and speak with HR about possible job openings. “We’re not hiring right now, and you have to come by the office and fill it out here”. “Well, I’d love to but I live about 1500 miles from you in Maine so I was going to see if HR could email me one”. Her… “No we don’t do that. Do you need anything else”? Me…“No Thanks” She was very, VERY unprofessional. If they don’t want calls take the info off the website! What a bitch. I really want to talk to their HR person now just to see if this is a company wide attitude or just the dumba$$ who answers the phone. WOW! Very unimpressed. It really wasn’t what she said, but the tone of her voice…very condesending. I’m gonna call back in a couple of weeks, if HR acts the same way I’ll post who it is.

In my past life,I had a trucking company… I had to deal with people behind the desk a lot…Usually freight brokers,shipper or receivers…When I ran into one like the one you are describing, I would chalk it up to them having a really bad day…My bad timing, so to speak…

When or if I needed to talk with them again and I received this kind of behavior, I knew I was dealing with a certified $#@%…Thats when I passed the number along to many of my associates and made their life a bit more miserable by a steady stream of continual inquiries…

This seem to be the norm with the companies out there today they have no tack when dealing with people seeking employment. They can be rude and sarcastic and nothing happens to them. It is very frustrating to have to deal with these types of people god forbid they ever had to find a job. I tried to drop off resumes into local tug boat companies in Seattle and Crowley didn’t even have a secretary at the front desk just a phone with a directory after dialing the number for there HR they said they cannot except my resume and to visit their website. At Foss maritime they had a receptionist at the front desk bit it wasn’t any better she was very unprofessional I worked for Foss in the past and they are a very good company but when you have people like there receptionist representing their company it makes me wonder what other changes they made

I can only imagine that these people in the front desks and in HR, are being peppered daily by people wanting something from them…In their defense, it must get monotonous for them…But this is their job, they are representing their company to outsiders and when they act unprofessional and irresponsible it gives a negative impression of their company…

As an owner I would be livid over such behavior,as my reputation would be important to me…Although not everyone sees things that way…They really need to stop and think and to realize, that they, are the lucky ones to have a job …

“I’m sorry for interrupting your day, you must have many more important things to do than field the questions of some unemployed schmuck that has nothing better to do. Maybe we could extend a shred of human decency and civility to each other. As it stands that decision is in your hands. If you wish to be rude, then I can be as well. I’m sure you would not appreciate multiple calls from me, multiple times a day, like I said, I have nothing better to do. I certainly wouldn’t take a day off either, I can guarantee you would not want me to inform anyone else of your behavior. So how are we going to treat each other?”

We can’t do much about the ill treatment you received and Yes, and you might experience more of this. But here is the good news. This unfortunate unemployment interruption in your life will pass. You work in a difficult industry; weather conditions, mechanical failures, crappy airport connections, the strain on your home life. Yet somehow you survive and hopefully thrive. So remember you’re current situation when you’re on top… and king of the world, treat job seekers, new deckhands etc. with respect that you wished had been afforded you. I believe in you, the American Mariner.

LOL, yeah the more I think about it, the more I want to call back. I’ve got an OK paying job right now, this is a career change for me, so it was really hard to bite my tongue and not say something. I held back, took it and feel like I was the more professional one in the conversation. I promise I won’t lose any sleep over this, I was just totally amazed after I got off the phone with her. I’m very lucky to have a job right now, I’ve been on unemployment before while job hunting, and people like her don’t make it any better. I’m not very politically correct and usually don’t hold back with what I think, maybe I’m getting more mellow as I get older, on the other hand maybe I just don’t give a sh!t. Thanks guys for letting me vent a little.

[QUOTE=bell47;47937] Thanks guys for letting me vent a little.[/QUOTE]

Sure, that’s what forums are for (among other things):cool:

Don’t worry, I have been giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Hello may I speak with Richard please, Who is this ??? I’m calling from Barnacle Marine. He’s not taking calls right now, what’s this about??? We have a job opportunity we think he might be interested in. I’m not interested in working right now but please feel free to visit my Website and fill out the online application to see if you meet all of my hiring conditions. Have a nice day…

“Having a bad day” is no excuse. The person answering the phone represents the company and is a direct reflection upon the company that employs them. If they are “having a bad day” they should stay home. On the other hand perhaps they truly represent that company’s attitude.
The only way bad people/companies get away with garbage like that is for good people to do nothing. There is no excuse for treating people looking for a job like beggars or riff raff.
What company are you speaking of?

[I]I’m just gonna guess this was HOS. I too called, in response to the listing they had for openings in Professional Mariner magazine[/I]. When I contacted the woman in the Office there she just said “NO! we don’t have any openings! Merry Christmas.” Taht may be why they also have an opening for a HR person, too…

Naw, wasn’t HOS. I wasn’t gonna say, but it was Parker Towing Company in Tuscaloosa, AL. Life’s to short to call them back.

[QUOTE=rollingstone;48119][I] That may be why they also have an opening for a HR person, too…[/QUOTE]
I don’t care who you are… that’s funny!