Ukraine retake drilling rigs near Crimea

Four Ukrainian drilling rigs were operating off Crimea when Russia took control and later annexed the peninsula. Now Ukraine has taken back control of the rigs:

The Syvash and Tavrida:
are older former Russian rigs, the Petro Hodovalets and Ukraine are of the Keppel B-Class:

In fact I was MWS while both of these rigs were loaded on HLVs in Singapore
The B-312 (Petro Hodovalets) on Blue Marlin in 2011:

The B-319 (Ukraine) on Xiang Yun Kou in 2012:

PS> The legs and top of the derrick had to be cut for the tow through Bosporus due to the heigh of clearance under the bridges. (Both rigs were discharged south of Istanbul):


There is more noise in the media about this " strategic" victory, then about the fall of Bahmut. Wonder why??. Is another myth being created about " Goat of Kiev" and snake island to divert atention of the western public from complete failures of spring, summer then late summer offensive and actions of corrupt UE officials ?? The clown " …Elensky" clan has acquired another multimilion usd villa in Egip . Is it not worth talking about??.

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care to substantiate your claims with some reliable and reputable sources?


because we may have completely different and incompatible , both theoretical and practical backgrounds including ethnical , then our perception and understanding of what is reliable, reputable , good or bad , right or wrong or what propaganda is, may be completely different. So be so kind and spit it out. Name sources You consider as reputable and/or reliable, so I can figure who You are. Surely looks like one of them and I am sure You believe blinking Blinken claim ,Tryzubs( UA) have regained already 50% of the lost land. He either disrespects world audience or thinks the listening crowds are all your kind of " believers" .

Ccarioli can explain his ethnicity himself, but I would guess he is of Italian origin.

FYI: I do NOT belive every thing I read, hear and see from any one source, but I was the one who posted the article from, mainly for names, the picture and video from one of the rigs that were boarded.

I remembered being involved with the loadout of two rigs bound for the Black Sea, hence the additional pictures in my post.

BTW; My ethnicity is Norwegian, if that is important. What is yours?

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I was talking to alias ccairoli. You are too dangerous.

Oh sorry if I scared you. I don’t bite, except verbally maybe.
Curious about your choice of nick (??)
Lupus: Latin for “wolf”, or an “autoimmune disease” (Lupus - Symptoms & causes - Mayo Clinic)
Proximo: “of or occurring in the next month after the present” (Webster)

Ukraine didn’t exactly “re-took “ control. What special forces did, they destroyed russian radar and communication equipment installed there.
It deprived russkis ability to cover west and south of Crimea. Subsequently Ukraine attacked russkis navy base in Sevastopol with missiles and destroyed two vessels there - big landing craft and a submarine.
It worth to mention during the special forces raid Ukrainians were attacked by russki aircraft and in mid of fight and confusion one of raiders fell over board. This guy spent 12(twelve) hours at sea before been rescued by search party.

You have not scared me. You rather generate respect Have read all your verbal battles ( past and present) with local tribesman and am by no means impressed. In addition huge industry experience, knack for research and You have been around. That makes You formidable foe.And I am not saying it to tickle your ego. What else?? A bit too chauvinistic about Norway and all things Norwegian but honestly there is nothing one must be ashamed of. Left leaning or a commie i suspect. But makes me wonder what is your beef with Russians cause as far as I remember ( i can be wrong of course) the Vikings started all this mess somewhere near Kiev long, long time ago :wink: . So tell me about it .

One more thing i like abt You. You do not behave like a snitch or rat trying to influence the moderators to get rid of those who seem to have a different opinion . By the way. Do You like the system here, where you can see only who liked and/or appreciated your comment but are completely unaware who is flagging you and why. Smells to me like a commie environment where only those who share the same agenda can thrive and exist here. Kind of cancel culture :wink: .



Communist ?

Commuter ?

Commentator ?

Commoner ?

Completely lost for words ? (Unlikely)

Give me a lecture. I am a good listener.

Thanks for that. I’m not used to much appreciation on this forum, but I am fine with that. (“Teflon shoulders”)
“Chauvinist about Norway”; maybe, but I’m more “chauvinistic” about Singapore.
“left leaning, or Commie”; I may be “left leaning” by the standard on this forum, but maybe seen as “right leaning” in other forums.
I’m not a Communist, Capitalist, Fascist or any other -ist. (except maybe Realist?) I don’t need any ready made opinion, political or otherwise. I have my own opinions, but they change from time to time, based on what I learn and experience, not by others opinion.
I have no beef with Russia or Russians, nor am I “anti-American” or “pro-Chinese”, or whatever else I get accused of here on the forum.
I do not always agree with whatever any one national agenda (incl. Norway) but I’m against hypocrisy by any side.
BTW; it was Swedish “Vikings” that travelled by rivers and “established Russia”: The Vikings in Russia
We Norwegians accept no blame for that.

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Ukraine retakes also Canadian parliament by convincing the ignoramus crowd of anglo-saxons there ,that giving standing ovation to NAZI war hero of Elenski and his wife is a cool thing . Is this world going mad or the folks beyond the great pond are so ignorant? . Beats me.

(36) Trudeau and Zelensky give Ukrainian Nazi war veteran standing ovation in Canadian parliament - YouTube

(36) Justin Trudeau lashed after ‘blaming’ Ukrainian Nazi incident on ‘Russian disinformation’ - YouTube