UK CoC conversion

Ill be emigrating to the States in the next couple of years on a green card and I was wondering if it was possible for me to convert my UK CoC to the equivalent US license or would I have to start from the beginning?

Is it even possible to work on US flagged ships on a green card?

Currently holding a UK Chief Mates with experience on Tankers

It is possible to work on a U.S. flag in an unlicensed capacity with permanent residency, but not possible in a licensed capacity from my understanding.

Thank you. Im not aposed to work as an AB if needed

See 46 CFR 10.221.

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From what I’ve seen, they will give you AB Unlimited with your seatime. You can’t hold an officer level endorsement without citizenship, only an unlicensed endorsement. Once you have your full citizenship, your seatime will be accepted as long as it’s on the appropriate tonnage but you will need to retake every STCW class at an approved school. This is at least $20k in tuition alone for 3rd/2nd Mate, and a substantial amount more for CM/Master. In addition, you will need to take the tests required for 3M/2M, and CM/Master or whichever you decide to apply for.