U.S.-Flag Containership 'Not Under Command' After Fire in Santa Barbara

Sounds like a tug is on scene.

The ryan t is an 80s era 120 ft crewboat, not much assistance they can render.

There could be a chance of a tug with with a tow winch in port hueneme that can help, but unlikely. Nearest tugs capable of a rescue tow if needed are in LA/LB…would be roughly an 12 hr run give or take to get up there.

Exxon has three platforms in the vicinity that the ship in theory could drift into…beach drops off pretty quick so any place to anchor would be pretty tight to the beach…

Edit: just looked at AIS and curtin’s newly christened elizabeth c out of long beach may be the tug heading up there…teresa brusco is east of the ship, maybe they came out of port hueneme. Either way, a few hours away till the closest one is on scene.


The Teresa Brusco looks to be about an hour and a half away, currently at 11.7 kts according to Vessel Finder


Looks like the Teresa Brusco is on scene.



Information on the tug out of Port

As an aside who knew the Port of Hueneme is so into bananas.

Former Hanjin Dallas:

Photo taken by Captain Mike Fullilove


I guess the ais data i was looking at wasn’t real time…
This is good, at least they are there to keep them out of trouble. The other tug i mentioned will be able to put them in tow to port (assuming the elizabeth c is the one doing it).

Teresa Brusco is a ship assist boat, don’t believe they are set up with much beyond a ship handling winch on the bow.

Yep, hueneme over the last decade has become very steady with banana ships and car ships. Not to mention the navy side of the port sees some action occasionally too.

Looks like they have plenty of horsepower in the area now. A brusco ship assist boat, a bay delta valor class ship assist boat that can tow, plus two curtin offshore boats. As of 2000 at least, the ship doesn’t look like its in tow as of yet but is more out in the channel with safe room from the mainland and the channel islands.

Screen Shot from last night about 17:23 hrs West coast time.

This one is 19:38 hrs


Current positions:


Further back the 7 hr old AIS ghost of the Eisenhower


The three vessels ahead showing as blue are the Shirley C ahead, Delta Billie astern and the Elizabeth C to stbd


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Your right, she’s ship assist only…
The fact that they were able to get up there and make good use of the capabilities they
did have, speaks volumes of the Capt., crew, and boat.