Dock fire: more excitement for the Bay Area

We have a massive fire on the car-loading dock in Benecia, CA yesterday, apparently still burning now; dock is almost completely destroyed. I’m guessing we’ll soon have more car-carriers moored out an S.F. Anchorage #9 soon… there are still car-unloading facilities in Richmond, but Benecia will be out of action for awhile. The article shows one car carrier who moved away from the dock when the fire started; probably desperately trying to figure out what her options are now; note that the reporter called her a ‘container ship’ …


That is an improvement, usually every ship is called a tanker.
Maybe the news about problems with keeping Walmart etc. stocked was caused by container ships has had an effect??

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Well, they managed to get it “right” this time… this morning the car carrier is a tanker, rather than a container ship!! Consistency is important when reporting the news…


Kinda reminds me of when the Orange and Market Street wharfs caught fire in New Orleans.

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