Trident Seafoods Kodiak Enterprise appears to be on fire

Photos from the scene Via Reddit

Not seeing any info other than “its a two costco run fire” from the poster.

It appears they didn’t learn their lesson with the Aleutian Falcon.

Sometimes being self insured hurts.

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That is going to be astronomically expensive. There are a lot of expensive electronics up there.

Scanning your wheelhouse wireways and connection terminals with a FLIR camera is always a good idea.

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Judging from the other pictures id wager the fire didnt start in the wheelhouse, according to the guy on reddit the fire has been burning 31 hours. The earlier photos showed smoke coming from forward of the house, and then more around the rest of the house. Im no insurance guy, but I cant see how this wont be a total loss.

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I am so pleased that I am not in a sensitive group.

Well, up forward is the freezer space which is likely insulated with polyurethane foam. Super flammable stuff. Add a little welding heat and a substandard fire watch, and there you go.