Ship lost at Port Of Tacoma

The 233-foot Alaskan fish processor Aleutian Falcon, has been declared a constructive total loss.

Historically these types of boats catch fire from welding operations. They mystery here is that the fire happened in the wee hours, not during working hours. Also, Trident has a very good safety record and is a stickler for safe shipyard practices. Interested to see the cause, if found.

If you see the video, you see the massive amounts of gray smoke. That’s mostly foam insulation burning up.

Someone could have been working late, or the fire may have started earlier and flared later.

I’ll be down in the POT tomorrow, but I’ll be at Sitcum Terminal, so I doubt I’ll learn anything new, and we sail Saturday

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The ALEUTIAN FALCON is cursed. She also burned in Dutch Harbor about 1989. The fire department couldn’t control it do they set her a drift. She drifted across the harbor and grounded. As I recall she burned for several days.

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Before and aft::

According to this report the fire was reported yesterday at 2200 hrs. 17.02.20:

Maybe a spark smoldered in the insulation just before they finished for the day?

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