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The Artemus Group announces its Import Security Filing Program (Artemus ISF) introduced to address the U.S. Customs Service establishment of the final rule, requiring that all import shipments into or on board U.S. bound vessels will need additional filing elements (10+2 Rule) at least 24-hours prior to cargo loading at the overseas port.

                                              Artemus'                          system can provide direct access to reporting to U.S.                          Customs System and is now a certified service center and                          software provider for Import Security Filings for the                          transportation industry.   [Click here for more                          details....](http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102731540402&s=2448&e=0017xvJ90hqfedF15XjA231PhW08I25Ko7nJnVnLgzCAh8H7Ck6COYeiqDTgg0StJFII4DeKmrPmU7fAGw9xLAbzONK9is7FdTFS-qhhrWo5_khTk3Tf8qP-wNKrd7Ow8wHqcsfbjfRijI=)

                                                                                                         About                          Artemus Group 
                                              The                          Artemus Group is a privately held company that offers                          transportation software applications, Internet                          applications, basic shipping training known as Shipping                          101, Hazardous Cargo Handling Training, Business                          Consulting for Shipping Start Ups and Staffing services                          for all aspects of the international transportation                          industry. The company is headquartered in Virginia Beach                          VA.   

The Artemus Group Customs reporting software (AMS/ISF/ACI) is a web based application designed specifically to meet the needs of the US Customs 24-hour rule, US Customs 10+2 Rule and the Canadian Customs 24-hour rule. Features include global access with customer specific security management, customer and vessel profiles, customized reporting, direct access to responses from US and Canadian Customs as well as manifest print, PTT and IT capability with the proper bonds.