Average Canadians Are Tracking U.S. Yachts Illegally Crossing The Border

Interesting article but it does seem to at least imply that the yachts making illegal entry are required to have an AIS on while underway.

But unfortunately, smoked meats poutine and all-dressed chips are for good countries who washed their hands and stayed home back in March.

If I laugh, am I going to hell? Dr. Tam says that if you must laugh at other people, cover your mouth with your elbow or a tissue. Maintain physical distancing of at least 49 degrees North. Where’s that wall they promised to pay for?


Creek estimates that right now some 30 to 40 American pleasure boats are cruising through British Columbia’s pristine waterways.

Hear that, Mr. Floaty?

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I do wish the Canadian condo Nazis, journalists, and the American journalists who report on this hissy fit would take 30 seconds to look up both US and Canadian regulations for the installation and use of AIS and the regulatory status of the “inside passage.”

It’s Jalopnik (Boatlopnik). A few hipsters in Brooklyn are not going to research more than is needed to post their contractually obligated amount of daily blog content :roll_eyes:

After taking 15 seconds to double check the lastest AIS and inside passage regs I found that even NPR regurgitated the same garbage.

The incorrect detail about the AIS requirement doesn’t change the gist of the article. It’s now prohibited to cross the border by boat with certain exceptions.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) reminds all boaters that crossing the border for recreation or tourism is currently prohibited.

The Government of Canada has introduced border measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Canada, including the restriction of all discretionary travel into Canada

The article says U.S. boats approaching the border are shutting off their AIS. NPR has corrected their article.

We certainly cannot blame the Canadians for not wanting virus-careless American tourists right now.

Fortunately, I am a virus careful “essential transportation worker” with a Nexus Card and can come and go across the border as I please.

Not many other countries will admit American tourists either.

Which means recreating or touring on the ground in Canada.

Boaters enroute to or from Alaska are exempt with certain conditions imposed. Those conditions are described under the heading Exceptions:


More detail and exceptions are described here under the heading “information for foreign boaters” and “This section summarizes important information for private boaters who are exempted from the current prohibitions and are permitted to enter Canadian waters.”:


I have Family living in Buffalo, NY that fish a lot. They have told me about watching the Canadian CG boarding boats that cross the Boarder Line. Most of them are just told not to do it again but some have had more trouble. From what I’ve been told, those that get in more trouble have usually shot their mouths off the the CG and we all know that usually doesn’t end well.