U.S. Coast Guard Looking to Acquire Commercial Icebreaker 'Aiviq'

This has been discussed here a couple times.

The need for a “substantial refit” will add to the expected purchase price of around $150m.

Aiviq appears to be the service’s least-bad option despite the substantial costs to purchase the vessel and get it mission ready.

c.captain called this years ago.


Money pit…and Mr. Gary laughs all the way to the bank. Anyone want to bet a PBR or Bell’s Two Hearted the refit happens in an ECO yard?

This highlights the woeful state of US shipbuilding and gov’t procurement methods that we can’t build an icebreaker in less time than to refit a used boat from Uncle Boudreaux’s Used Boat Emporium (cash or credit with a nominal additional fee). From heavy cruisers in 10 months in '43 to 4yrs (+) for a new polar breaker in the 21st century; f’n sad.


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Hope they fix the fuel vents!!

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