Coast Guard May Observe Aiviq Icebreaker Trials | WorkBoat

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where is the big blue behemoth at these days?

Four minutes ago it was in Tampa.

I guess full-scale icebreaking trials are the only way to show the USCG whether or not the Aiviq meets their performance requirements. I just hope they find a good testing location and have someone onboard who knows what they are doing.

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the biggest thing I hope is that ECO foot the bill 100% to deliver the Blue Whale to the Arctic and to bring it back but knowing the wisdom of our great and glorious leaders Congress will appropriate the money to pay ECO for these tests and Chouest will collect no matter what the vessel’s performance is! Of course, if the government is footing the bill that ECO bills them a cool $10M+ for this sales pitch then pressure the USCG to take the vessel by promising to rebate those delivery costs if they charter the ship which they will then overcharge the USCG for.

Chouest is obviously working this hard behind the scenes lobbying Congress to not let the USCG say no to the ship

Why would they not want this ship that represents the latest in cutting edge technology? They are gonna be so impressed with this ship they may contract me to build 10 more. Just so happens I have state of the art shipyards that will be able to build these vessels on time and under budget.

They’ve already received $4-6 Million for a “study.”

Aiviq is also being offered to the Canadian Coast Guard together with three Swedish icebreakers:

so here is a question to ponder…why is ECO even pushing the AIVIQ on the USCG like they are? one would think that the contract they have with Shell would be such that Shell is on the hook to pay the charter rate whether they have any work for the vessel or not and for the full term of the agreement which must be at least 15years? if ECO is getting paid why do they care whether the ship works or just sits forever?

did the contract give Shell an out or did Shell pay ECO to get out of it and now is ECO looking to “double dip” on the Big Blue Behemoth or is ECO just trying to help Shell out by finding another use for the vessel to give Shell relief from what must be at least $150k/day they have to fork over month after month?

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Contract law will not allow you to double dip like that. I do not see that as being an issue. I do see a private company trying to find a home for a boat which essentially has no mission for the forseeable future, and just maybe the USCG is an option (big maybe). If the USCG sees no use for the vessel, they will not take it. Congress can approve and allocate, but cannot subvert the executive and dictate missions or resources to support that mission.

The Aiviq is no longer under charter to Shell. Shell paid the early termination fees and ended the charter.

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I don’t think “Coast Guard officials want to see ice breaking trials with Edison Chouest’s Aiviq…” I think they are being FORCED by Young, Hunter, et al “to see the ice breaking trials”.

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of course they don’t want anything to do with the AIVIQ and have made that clear however the power of Gary Chouest’s money is stronger than the USCG’s pushback. Rest assured the Congress will buy the Big Blue Behemoth from ECO and then “tell” the Coast Guard to add it to their fleet or they won’t appropriate the money to build the newbuild icebreakers the USCG really wants.

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Want to bet a dollar?