TWIC Timeline

For anyone that is interested I figured I would provide a timeline for getting my TWIC the second go around since my last one expired.

Went into the Mandeville REC and applied for my TWIC on 8/15/2012. My appointment was for scheduled for 0930 and I was out by 0945.
Went back to the Mandeville REC and picked up my TWIC on 8/22/2012. Didn’t have an appointment because they weren’t any openings till Friday so I just walked in waited less then 10 minutes and was out 10-15 minutes later. The “Check Your TWIC Status” was up to date and accurate the entire time.

Don’t want to get into the argument of if we should actually have the TWIC but I was surprised at the quick turnaround. A week is much faster then the almost 4 months I waited the first go around.

No one is interested!

I’ve heard of similar quick turnarounds from my co workers

Once the government’s low bidder has thoroughly crawled up a mariner’s anal orifice and made a complete computerized 3D map while exploring every nook and cranny of his entire digestive tract all the way to his tonsils, it shouldn’t take them very long to find their way through this familiar and well worn path the next time.

Mine went pretty swift as well, 8 day turnaround. Hardest part was trying to get their online system to reset my password which was long forgotten from 5 years ago. I did notice a few things though: my online account never updated, still says that my 2008 issued card has been activated and I’m all set; they took a new picture even though the first issuance used the one off my MMC (I asked if this was a policy change and she just shrugged); and the lady insisted on two forms of ID despite me having an MMC and Passport in hand which are both “List A” / “one document” items. She didn’t want to take my MMC as ID, I don’t think she even knew what it was.

They were also very insistent about getting the old one back to be destroyed. Apparently this isn’t the case everywhere however, as an AB I work with still has his first one, possibly it’s not activated anymore, but I have yet to come across a scanner anywhere where that would matter.

Was this the 3 year renewal? Or the standard 5 year? I read somewhere on the twic website that if you have already had a similar background check there is a discounted price… I think I saw $105

I renewed in May. I only got $5.00 off! Something about the security check already having been done. A whopping 5 bucks off.

Ok. Time to start a letter writing campaign to congress. This BS has gone on long enough, with no visible or tangible results.

Found this on the website

" * How much does a TWIC cost?

  • Effective March 19, 2012, the enrollment fee for the TWIC program reduced from $132.50 to $129.75. Workers with current, comparable background checks will pay a reduced fee of $105.25. If workers are eligible to pay the lower price, their TWIC will expire 5 years from the date of the comparable credential. The cost of a replacement TWIC, if the original is lost, stolen, or damaged, is $60."

Definitely make sure you bring your old one to turn in. I listened to the woman when she said I only needed a drivers license to pick up my new card, and when I showed up with just that had to go back home (1 hour) and then come back. Thankfully it was only an hour - I know some guys who have to go 10-12 hours for this waste of plastic. Oh and I paid the full rate - but this was back in January.

[QUOTE=Azimuth;80242]No one is interested![/QUOTE]

actually, I am. Just because YOU aren’t interested doesn’t mean someone else isn’t. I’ve been waiting over a month and haven’t heard anything back in regards to my application. I’ve been on the phone with helpdesk numerous times and all they have told me is that they are waiting to hear back from TSA.