TWIC req'd for Continuity?

Hello folks,

Did a bunch of searching on here and don’t think anyone has posted this yet.

Do you need a TWIC card to apply for Continuity?

My buddy has been on the beach for the past 5 years and his license is in the last month of the grace period. (Talk about waiting until the last minute.)

He is about to submit an application for Continuity, but doesn’t want to spend the money on a TWIC if he doesn’t have to.



From what I’m reading, your friend needs to submit an application requesting a “continuity document” (soon), it’s clear he cannot operate under its authorities while “in continuity”. If his credential expires he’s got a problem. He may have to re-test if he wishes to re-activate his license. If it expires during the renewal process it’s anybody’s guess. I don’t see TWIC mentioned anywhere in regard to the “continuity renewal”.
From the Homeport website;

  1. What is the grace period?
    You may renew your credential during the Period of Grace (no more than 12 months beyond the five-year expiration date), but you can NOT operate under the authority of your credential during this Grace Period. Once your credential has expired, it is no longer valid and you can not work on it.
  2. What if my credential has expired beyond the grace period?
    If your credential has expired beyond the grace period, then you will have to meet the full requirements of the original credential. This also means you will have to take the full examination if required for the credential or attend a course approved by the CG specifically for this purpose.
  3. What is a Continuity Renewal?
    This option allows you to renew your credential [B][I]without meeting any of the renewal requirements[/I][/B], except for completing an application. If you choose to renew a credential for continuity purposes only, then you can NOT work under the authority of that credential. [B][I][U]If your credential has expired beyond the one year grace period, then you are ineligible for the continuity renewal option.[/U][/I][/B]

Thanks Capt. B. Yep, already knew all that and that’s what I’ve been telling my buddy since last summer. He hasn’t sailed on his license since '05, and he may never sail again, but my thought was after his grace period expires in March, he’s totally screwed. You never know what the future holds, right?

But how about my original question? Anybody else find anything that mentions TWIC for continuity?

Belay my last, folks. I found the answer here.

A TWIC is NOT required in order to apply for or receive a document of continuity.

How many times could you renew for continuity?

You only need to apply once. One of the changes made in the ruilemaking that created the MMC and the requirement to hold a TWIC (for active credentials) was that documents of continuity now do not expire… even if you do.

Jim, you love that joke!