TWIC Pin Number



The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced it no longer has the ability to reset PIN numbers on Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC) issued on or before Oct. 21, when the TWIC system was shut down because of a power outage. What this means in practice is that TWIC holders who can’t remember their PIN numbers may have to request a new TWIC card. The new TWIC card will be issued free of charge if the TWIC holder turns in the old card.

If you remember your PIN number, there is no reason to do anything. If you can’t remember the PIN or you think you might not remember it correctly, you should go to a TWIC enrollment center to test the PIN. Once at the enrollment center, if you cannot remember your PIN, you can request a new TWIC at no cost. There is no fee as long as you turn in your old card at the same time. If you do not have your old card, you will be charged the lost card fee of $60.

If you have questions, call the TWIC HelpDesk at 866-347-8942. When the prompts begin, press 3. When you get to that menu, press 2. That will get you in touch with a HelpDesk employee.


Glad that the lowest bidder was able to provide data security via server mirrors and a responsible data back up plan…ooops…The stupidity never ends…starting with a password that requires that you record it some where…

I do not believe this should be a problem. Last I heard there was only one machine in the whole country capable of reading the card and your thumb print.
So the TWIC is only a flash card. Just show the thing and you will be able to work.
The onus is on the card issuer to contact all of the card recipients of their screw up.

Does anyone know exactly how many working TWIC card readers there are active in the port terminals??

BTW: Could this be further evidence of the Bush era no bid contract?

Just got my Twic yesterday. Sign in to out, 8 minutes!

Spoke with activator: Will need your PIN to access facilities. Since they cannot get the fingerprint readers to work you will have to enter PIN on key pad.

Do not forget your PIN.

Imagine trying to gain access before shift starts!

Funny… Yes we were all ‘BUSHWACKED’… Some more than others…

I Just found that if you don’t make sure that you are declared as “merchant mariner” in your TWIC account there will be a BIG delay on the next upgrade/renewal.
Big shocker
so i called the TWIC number, picked option 5, and sure enough my stated occupation was BLANK. however the nice lady updated there and then so OK…
Also if you don’t have a TWIC you are now not eligable for upgrade renewal of your licence (STCW revisited)

NMC has been putting out all this information on their web site for a while now. I encourage everyone to check their site regularly.