TWIC cards now available via direct-mail

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TWIC “OneVisit”—Now Available Everywhere:[/U][/B]

TWIC cards can now be mailed directly to your home, or other location, instead of returning to an enrollment center to pick up your card. This applies to new or renewed enrollment cards, Extended Expiration Date (EED) TWICs (see item 8 below), or replacements for lost, stolen, or damaged cards. If you choose to receive your card by mail you will only be required to make one visit to an enrollment center to complete the enrollment process. When you receive your card it will be activated and ready to use. A mailer with the card’s preset Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be sent to you separately. You may also choose to pick up your card at an enrollment center. If you pick up your card at an enrollment center you can select your PIN. If you receive your card by mail and want to change your preset PIN you can visit any enrollment center to have it set to your selected PIN at no cost.

  1. [B][U]New Name for TWIC Enrollment Centers:[/U][/B] Enrollment centers now provide services for TWIC as well as TSA’s TSA Pre✓™ and Hazardous Material Endorsement (HME) programs. Instead of looking for a “TWIC Enrollment Center” sign look for a “Universal Enrollment Services” or “UES” sign. When you need to apply for or renew your TWIC be sure to check the UES Locator web site to find the nearest UES center.[/FONT]

  2. [B][U]Reminder—Appointments are Not Necessary:[/U][/B] All TWIC services are available at UES enrollment centers to walk-ins as well as those with appointments. Those with appointments receive priority service at their appointment time, but walk-ins are served in the order they arrive. The appointment schedules at each enrollment center allow for time to serve walk-ins. If you need to apply for a TWIC, or pick up a card, and can’t find a convenient appointment go to the enrollment center as a walk-in. The average wait time at enrollment centers is 15 minutes or less, although at peak times longer waits may be experienced.

  3. [B][U]Card Production Delay Update:[/U][/B] The temporary delays in delivering some TWIC cards announced here in June are significantly reduced. The delays were caused by the transition to a new data and card production system. The change was required to more effectively support TSA’s mission. All TWIC enrollments and card requests are now being processed through the new system. Delays experienced in June and July have diminished, however some residual delays are still occurring. Applicants should expect to receive their new TWIC in three weeks or less. Those whose applications require review by a TSA adjudicator will experience an additional three to four week delay. TSA continues to work diligently to further minimize delays and will continue to do so until program goals for processing all applications are achieved. You may check your application status online hereor via the UES Call Center at 1-855-DHS-UES1 (855-347-8371).

  4. [B][U]New Card Topography Features:[/U][/B] UES enrollment centers are receiving and issuing cards produced by the Government Printing Office (GPO). The general appearance and security features of the new cards are similar to previous versions, but contain several changes:

[B][U]Card Front:[/U][/B]
• Expiration date format is now YEAR MONTH DAY (YYYYMMMDD) example: 2016APR22
• Card front: A period “.” follows the middle initial, example: W.

[U][B]Card Back:[/B][/U]
• Version moved to above the magnetic stripe (“TWIC v2.3 MM.YY”).
• The smaller 1D bar code above the magnetic stripe has been replaced by a card stock identifier sequence.
• The label “ID One PIV (1107253)” has been added above the magnetic stripe.
• The printing below the larger 1D barcode now includes the System Code (7099), example: 70991234

The Technical Advisory with details on card topography changes is available here.
6) [B][U]New Card Technical Features:[/U][/B] As a result of the transition to the new system, the TWIC Certificate Authority (CA) changed. TWIC readers programed to check the TWIC Certificate Revocation List (CRL) must be redirected to the new CA. The technical advisory for this change was also previously posted to the TWIC website. The direct link to the advisory ishere.
7) [B][U]Cards with Missing Fingerprint Files:[/U][/B] Recently a number of TWIC cards were produced without fingerprint template files. These cards have expiration dates from 2019MAY22 through 2019MAY30. Not all cards within this expiration date range are affected. The affected cards are otherwise functional with readers and are valid. No cost replacement cards are available to individuals who received these cards. More information about this issue is available here. A list of affected cards is available here.
8) [B][U]Extended Expiration Date TWICs:[/U][/B] If you are a worker holding a TWIC that expires on or before December 31, 2014 and you are a U.S. citizen or U.S. national you will be able to replace your expiring TWIC with a 3-year Extended Expiration Date (EED) TWIC. To order an EED TWIC or a card replacement, you may contact the UES Call Center at 1-855-DHS-UES1 (1-855-347-8371) Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 10 PM Eastern. Alternatively, clickhereto order your EED TWIC or card replacement online.

[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][COLOR=#333333][FONT=inherit][B]Transportation Workers[/B][/FONT]
[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]If you need further information, please contact the UES Call Center at 1-855-DHS-UES1 (1-855-347-8371) Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 10 PM Eastern.

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[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][COLOR=#333333][FONT=inherit][B]Employers, Unions, and Facility Owner/Operators[/B]
[FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit][FONT=inherit]If you have questions regarding TWIC enforcement and policy guidance, please contact the USCG Help Desk at 1-877-MTSA-AID (1-877-687-2243; option #1) or at Note: Owners/operators/FSOs/VSOs/CSOs are encouraged to seek guidance directly from their local Captain of the Port TWIC action officer.

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[li][B]Click here[/B] for the latest TWIC Dashboard Report[/li][li][B]Click here[/B] for an accessible version of the latest TWIC Dashboard Report[/li][/ul]

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