Twic Renewal 2021

What is the current situation for twic renewal?

I renewed mine recently and it was actually pretty fast. Don’t recall exactly how long it took, but less than 2 weeks I had my new one in hand

Same here. Mine was very quick. From day of appointment to having in the mail, in hand, was about two calendar weeks.

I cannot remember how I renewed five years ago, but I don’t think it was very difficult.

I called TSA and was told that there is no renewal. That I have to apply all over again from scratch. Go to an Identigo office with a birth certificate and so on. This seems insane. I wonder if the government employee I spoke to knew what she was talking about.

That’s true…but i didn’t really see it as anymore of a burden then having the twic in the first place. Two forms of ID (passport or mmd or drivers license and/or birth certificate). You do the application on line when you make the appointment. Take a new picture. In and out in 10 minutes for me.

The didn’t say apply online. They said go to Identigo.

I first went online that lead me to call. I’ll check online again.

All TWIC universal enrollment centers are closed 21 Jan to 25 Jan for system maintenance.

I did my application online back in november.

Good to know it’s quick. Mine’s due this summer

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