TWIC is Quick

My renewal anyway. I had my appointment in Miami on Tuesday, and the next day I received an email saying the TWIC had been mailed.

That’s a lot better than me. Had my appointment on July 30, received it yesterday.

First? Or renewal? Mine was 3rd or 4th issue

There’s no difference, but this is my 4th I think.

I just renewed mine. Appointment on a Tuesday, in hand by Friday.

From what i have been told there is no difference from a renewal and original anymore…same background check.

With that being said, i ‘renewed’ last september and i had my new twic in hand within two weeks which i thought was pretty fast.

I renewed my TWIC last winter. I decided to walk in at the local TWIC enrollment center. I discovered it was only open two days a week and that the previously busy standalone IDENTIGO office (the TWIC government contractor) had closed. It was now being run out of a small office in the bowels of a truck driving school. I was the only person in line. It was fast and efficient. My new TWIC Card came in about a week.