Tugboating Today

CARTOON Paper, paper, paperwork, and so much safety equipment!!


Ohh that’s just Crowley…not all tug company’s are that bad…but it’s sure going that way fast!

Lolz. Paperwork…but it keeps us safe! Probably 1/10th of he crap we do actually makes sense. I know guys who wouldn’t do any If they had a chance but I find just a little worthy of keeping. …from a guy who manages to fortunately do just slightly more than zero paperwork.

Crew change grub list/shopping report to be filed with the compliance department within 30 minutes of arriving onboard! Coming soon to a wheelhouse near you, brought to you by the friendly folks in compliance.

“Uh your fuel report has an error. All values are to be carried to hundredths of a gallon and rounded up. Tenths are unacceptable.”

Have you ever filled out a “lock out tag out” and a risk assessment for changing a light bulb, the more stickers we have on the boat, the safer we are.

Tugboatin’ yesterday.

Philly by cmakin, on Flickr

The next position on a tug will be a secretary. Thanks for the cartoon, it’s totally the way of the industry, more so if you’re moving oil.

I remember when you only had a red logbook that was IT!

I just over-did it with risk assessments for a while to make my point well heard. Don’t get much crap about them anymore…