Tug Inflation Raises

Did anyone receive raises this year?
McAllister NY has given their mariners a 7-8% raise this year, while Reinauer is offering their employees less than 3% raise in two years. Inflation is nearly reaching 10% and with gas prices soaring a less than 3% raise just doesn’t seem sustainable.


Yep got a raise!

how much or what %

Yup got a raise. 8%

I heard Dann Marine is at $750-$775-$805,
wages fixing come up, mates leaving ship
assist companies in Ms River to go to E.C.O.
On their Z-Drives working at LNG terminals.
Not sure what the large Ms River Linehaul
Towboats are at but sure its closer to $1000
Than $600

In fact they are gonna have to come up,
Guys around here making more on a
Zero Turn Lawn mower than Z-Drive
Tugboats, never thought Id see the day
Sad but true


Sadly, you can make more than most any tugboater in the US with just a pickup truck, trailer, and a zero turn mower. And it’s been that way for a long time now.

Guys were making more cutting grass 15 years ago than what I make now. A lot more.

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The Bad Part for the Tugboater is that the guys
With the Zero Turn can adjust his income
when inflation hits, do his own books so that
That truck, trailer & Zero Turn, gas, mileage
and other expenses are tax deductions, not
So easy for the Tugboater

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Oh boo hoo. That’s the reward for starting your own business and assuming all the risk. There are no weeks or months off when you own a business.


Maybe not, but its still no doubt about tugboat
Wages falling by the wayside, when you call
A plumber, or Hvac tech to to come to your
Home for repair the labor alone for a few hours
work in this economy compared to what it
Once was, doesn’t take an economist to
figure out.

Yea but those guys work 5 or 6 days a week. They don’t get 4 months of vacation.

And have you been in an attic in the south in the afternoon???


5% and a promotion, with us being short handed and all. If you aren’t getting a raise now is the time to look for better wages elsewhere

Agree, a substantial one as well with full days
Travel, the old just work more time to replace
the wages or compensate for this economy
should be over

Yes, going in an attic sucks in the summer, glad
Im not 400lbs and at a relatively healthy weight
But installed a 5 ton ac could be done in a day
Two days tops, when an they get the unit for
Under $4,000 and installed is $7,000 plus
than they make a pretty good living and im sure
Can take that vacation when they want if they have any employees that are competent.The
Reason most mariner’s are in this business
Is to get compensated well for the sacrifice
of being away from home so much, no to
Kill time

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Just had a 4 ton unit replaced on one of the hottest days in weeks, they are beat to hell. The reputable company they work for is reaping the benefits the most These techs are paid well, and should be. End of the day I will take driving a tug any day…

Talk around the Terrace is, Reinauer guys are sick of being pushed around and are probably going to strike by mid July if they don’t come to terms soon. Watch the gas prices go up then.

A lot of these tech’s now work for themselves,
Smaller companies , don’t think id want to do
it either just using it as an example of these
guys having the ability to adjust to this awful
economy when they need too, hard to do with
a W-2, not knocking a ac tech or plumber
or someone in that line of work but compare
what dollar amount and lives that guy is
Responsible for compared to being in charge
of a wire boat, atb or whatever with an oil barge
are a large manned Derrick barge etc. and the
money at stake, conditions we operate in
In this economy , than take a look at what
Some harbor pilots make before you go
Find a place to vomit.

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Someone said something about 4 months or six months vacation. Consider this. The US government calls one work year 2000 hours. 50 weeks x 40 hours/ week. If you work time on time off, that is 182 days x 12 hours /day = 2,184 hours . If, as the US government claims, a work year is 2000 hours, we as mariners work one year and one month then have 6 months off which totals 13 months! Look what’s been done just for us! What will we do with all that extra time??? Drive a zero turn lawn mower? Or crawl in a hot attic?? The possibilities abound!

Yea but who cares what the Gov. says, they are
home everday _ucking somebody while we
mind a flock of inexperienced sheep.

It is not just wages that count. Benefits do too. 15 years ago I was picking up my copy of my US income tax return and had a conversation with my CPA who I used for years. She was well aware of my regular job and the other jobs I did in my off time so I told her I was considering quitting my regular job and concentrating on my land based endeavors due to family issues at the time. She told me that she had clients who were licensed plumbers and electricians that made more money than me from my sailing job [at the time a little over 225,000/yr] but they did not have dollar for dollar match on 401k and neither did their health insurance for their family cost them less than $200/month. All things considered I would be wise to stay where I was, continue consulting and keep my other business operating in order to be prepared for the inevitable downturn. That was good advice.

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