Tug Inflation Raises


Inflation calculator link above, although I can’t
say really how accurate it is.

A lot of supposition in this thread about how much tug pay has fallen behind the cumulative inflation rate since the 1980s. It would be interesting to see actual figures for daily tug pay per position from a year in the 1980s. Then it would be easy to use BLS inflation figures to ballpark how much wages have fallen behind (or not).

Exactly, like using known fixed points for reference, seems like gas prices would
Have to be known because of the direct
Impact it alone causes through the economy,
and what about Health care that outpaces
the economy, guess that would matter with
Out of pocket maximum’s for most of us.

The truth about BLS inflation statistics:
If they support one’s arguments, they are correct.
If they disagree, they are junk. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cant speak to others on the MR, but personally, ship-assist Captains pay has increased on avg about 5% per year for the past 15 years, far outpacing inflation (sorry cant speak to pay from the 80’s). And benefits are outstanding, worth about $ 40k+ per year, including first class Health/Dental Ins, 401k IRA, vacations, USCG license/schooling reimbursement, 7/7 schedule, safety & performance bonuses. ECO is poaching some Mates from MR tug companies to train/man their tugs servicing LNG terminal customers, offering $ 100/day more in pay. Sometimes better to stick with who you know.

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Small mom and pop in NY harbor.

6% raise, long overdue

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Gas diesel and heating oil are at record prices, up about 100% in a year or so. They are a big cost component of just about everything else.

Food prices are up 25% in a year.

Building supplies are up about 100% over the past couple of years.

House prices and rent are up 25% for desirable area in the last year.

Interest rates are in the process of doubling over about 6 months.

Who’s wages have kept up with that?

I’ll have to work more days this year to make up the difference. More days worked is also some costs avoided for food, gas, etc at home.

I’m also refusing to buy anything that’s not essential. $1 saved is worth about $1.50 earned. No tax on savings.


Damn, I need to get off this wire boat asap!

You seem malcontent - have you not gotten a raise lately?

What are “MR tug companies”?

Mississippi river?

Glad to see it happen, without representation
down in the south or high demand in a
Niche market like D.P. Oilfield vessels wages
Seem to go stagnant and when experienced
Captains start jumping around like the Clint
Eastwood movie “For a few dollars More”
than pay rates usually come up. We are
Kind of like pigeons, whoever throws us
The most crumbs that where we go

Yes MR Mississippi River, And im not malcontent
as neutral observer would suggest, maybe
Neutral observer is an office personnel or
Otherwise, been in this game a long long time
and it sucks to see our real buying power
compared to when it was good vs this stinking
economy now

If your not making well in the $700’s range for
like towing mud scows around the clock on
East coast, doing tandem tows, dumping
Scows on hip precision dumps, anchor handling
Or long international tows and rig moving you are
Losing ground

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If you are not getting $1000, and very few of us are, then you are losing ground.

I got a long overdue 20% bump last year, but only 6% this year.

And no, I don’t care what statistics the government puts out, the kind of goods and services that I buy are up at least 25% in the last year.


According to a Fox News article today, the average car payment has hit a record $712 per month as new, used car prices continue to climb.

Actual inflation is higher then the Government claims, and higher than the raise our employers are offering.

The average person doesnt see things slowing down but its coming. Wait till people see what food prices are this fall, filling a fuel tank or buying a cord of wood. I called one of my buddys at Reinauer the other day to substantiate the gossip, he was there prior to 1988 and basically a fossil, those guys dont have the balls to attempt any form of a strike.

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Freaking sucks, All the Recency & even local
pilotage should go a long way in jacking pay
up where it should be, N.O.B.R.A. Pilots
Topped out at $698.000 in 20-21


That’s not what I’m hearing from friends at Reinauer. They have had enough of the new generation of management walking all over them. It sounds like they may need to take action soon.

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