Tug engineer pocket tool

I’ve worked with some Chiefs who carried a wrench pliers combination tool in their pocket. Other guys had a Leatherman style multitool to carry. Anyone have a strong preference and a favorite brand?
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Sounds like handy boy pliers. We had a co worker we called “handy boy” because he was a useless tool.
image i’m partial to this one


I prefer the hammer aspect, though who would have thought they were so popular there would be a shortage.

everyone has their “specialty”. I know a chief only carried a ancient and well worn wabco or some such name 4" cresent. many carried a gerber type multi tool. I carried a Kershaw multi tool that had a hard to find ‘vice grip’ jaws which saved my ass a few times. it eventually wore out so I’m still looking for a suitable replacement.
Everyone carries a flash light. There are other forgotten ‘favorites’ that no doubt saved the day somewhere back when. I know that vice grip option I had held the seachest shut for a couple minits while I ran to get something. … horrible thought huh?


8" thin Stanley Crescent and 10" Knipex Cobras. Beware galley seat cushions.

Multi tools are a good way to do lots of things poorly.


If you’re serious about fencing you use a hammer to drive post staples a Paslode stapler for the battens and one of these for everything else.

The handyboy is one I’ve seen, but is tough to find anymore. The Knipex pliers wrench looks good, but is pricey.

You’re feckin’ engineers and I assume know how to weld. It can’t be that hard to make your own. Like this guy did:


Got to get rid of the “no altered or ships made tools” mentality in inspections, we would see a thousand monstrosities like this and it would be beautiful

Not a tool, but probably “fixed” by a Tug Engineer on his time off:

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Found this improvised tool in the basement of an old house I was renting in Massachusetts. I’m guessing it had a very specific purpose. You can’t make it out from the rust, but it’s stamped “INEDIBLE.”

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gawd, that pipewrench ‘thing’… not much for the pocket but better than the ball joint fix!
i guess a multi tool covers things pretty good but about the only thing i recall using a lot was the vice grip option, a file sometimes, wire cutter and screwdrivers option … always had my own pocket knife so i think that covered it for me but sometimes the odd thing. depending on the job i suppose but some people had to have something unique.

But seriously I just have a flashlight, bahco adjustable (with the alligator wrench end to show I’m a cool kid), folding knife, and most importantly pen and paper. I try to carry a 6 in 1 screwdriver but always forget it. This is as OSV and deep sea engineer though. I got very spoiled by having cadets over the years and if you are lucky enough to have a “walking talking tool bucket” in tow the sky’s the limit.


i googled ineible tools, all i found was “incredible”, damn google seems able to only sell stuff anymore.
A “walking talking toolbucket” … gr8!! try finding a pocket protector anymore!, I recall looking all over dutchharbor… ok, all 2? stores, I found one somewhere, probably Kodiak?
I always had several pens… seldom any paper though.

yea, I hated when I screwed up a cushion or something. felt bad. I recently lost my favorite flashlight in a snow bank, I hope to find it come spring!

My currant standard carry is a Bahco 8" wide jaw, Leatherman Charge, 6" Knipex pliers, Surefire flashlight and a spyderco atlantic salt folding knife.

I love the philips bit on the leatherman, I’ve never had it slip or strip a screw. You can also buy a 6" extension with a 1/4 drive bit on the end with extra bits.

I sail deep sea, so these all help me not have to go up a bunch of stairs to get tools for a quick fix.

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yea, even if you have tool boxes at the E gen, Pump room, reefer you end up walking back to the shop. the screws were always too tight for my pocket tool. you certainly have some big tools, even today I am surprised a adjustable wrench is so popular. I’ve bought a few but seldom packed it as much as I did the stuff that fitted my belt holder/s.
btw, a new hand always welcomed here so drop by when you have internet!!!

That’ll be the ‘get me a sky hook’ followed by a ‘long stand’ kinda goffer…

Thanks for this interesting information!

My preference for tools I carry on myself is a Bahco crescent with the alligator end, and a Pelican 2010 Sabrelight with the belt clip thing cut off and sanded down. Fit better in my back pocket that way.