Tropical Storm Warning for S. California

This is from NWS Los Angles CA.

- LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: Flood Watch is in effect
- Peak Rainfall Amounts: Additional 4-8 inches, with locally
higher amounts.

Unusual to get tropical systems that far north on the USWC.

From Bowditch


Figure 3503a. Storm tracks.The width of the arrow indicates the approximate frequency of storms;

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Iā€™m not home right now to witness it, but as you can imagine the local news has people freaked out. Supposedly this is the first time this has happened in the region since the 70s.

Sounds like San Diego is getting or going to get hit pretty hard. The port of San Diego already had planned to shut down the port for 24 hrs in anticipation.

Hilary is accelerating NNW and weakening rapidly, now a tropical storm with max winds to 55 kts has made landfall over northern Baja California causing very heavy rains. Catastrophic flooding likely in parts of Baja California and the US Southwest through Monday.

Specific wind risk probabilities can be found here: Tropical Storm Hilary Wind Speed Probabilities?


Here now at the power plant at work in northern San Diego County. So far, warm and humid, with steady rain. Bulk of the storm to move in this afternoon/evening. Will be interesting.

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