North Pacific Hurricane Force Storm

After the Container Vessel ONE Apus reported that 1,900 containers were either lost or damaged in a major storm Monday night, yet another hurricane-force storm is forecast over the central North Pacific during the next 48-72 hours to produce winds of 50-70 knots and significant wave heights to 16 meters (about 52 ft). Maximum wind and wave conditions are expected along 40N Latitude.

Multiple stong lows in the North Pacific during the winter? Shocking…

On most Mondays I post a time-lapse of the previous week’s North Pacific weather as viewed from GOES-17 with the OPC surface analysis overlayed. Hurricane-force storms are fairly common; there were two or three such systems in last week’s movie (hint - these are in 720p, best to watch on a real computer, maybe in full-screen mode):

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