Major Western Pacific Storm Expected

A very strong upper-level jet is forecast over the western North Pacific and is expected to produce a major 934mb storm low with hurricane force winds by the 17th.

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The intense storm forecast over the western North Pacific last week is now making itself known. This morning’s 0600Z Surface analysis shows a very intense 933mb storm low centered near 44N 167E moving northeastward with hurricane force winds of 65 to 85 knots (75 to 100mph) within 240 nautical miles southward of the center producing significant wave heights of 40-48ft.

Update Jan 19th
That major storm low over the western North Pacific on the 17th <see below> moved northeastward and has weakened somewhat (934mb to 952mb) as of 1200Z on the 19th, however, at the same time the system has expanded in size to over 5100KM (2750NM) and now spans nearly the entire North Pacific.

Would you look at the brawn on him! You’re right Fred…damn near the entire North Pacific…if he’d have tracked just another couple of hundred miles east it would have gone coast to coast.

yesterday’s picture…a real “perfect storm”! WOW, that is was one intense MF’er…like one great sink hole in the atmosphere!